Applications Development & Maintenance


Companies across the globe regularly invest in creating technology applications that cater specifically to their business needs. Packaged software and solutions do not meet the needs of the end user, pushing the IT heads of the companies to look out for possibilities of such development activities.

OTS helps such customers with consultancy approach by behaving not just an outsourcing vendor but be a part of the client’s business, further understanding the needs with the help of our highly efficient analysts framing the path for technical team to further architect and create a tailor made software for complex needs.

OTS has experience in space of delivering custom application development for not just businesses but also for certain national agency clients. We can easily boast to be one of the companies carrying experience in delivering most complex and big software cycles with ease to end user.


OTS has a large team of developers and engineers spread across its offices around the globe to offer cost viability along with ease of access at all times to its clients.

OTS understands importance of quality and provides lucrative terms of warranty to customers with free support post-delivery to check and accept the product in real testing environment. It also helps the clients by making similar production environments checking the performance for making the software robust to support those bottlenecks and reduce the long-term production costs.

Our application development and maintenance solutions are offered on these technology platforms,

.NET Development

OTS Solutions has been working in space of providing software development services on Microsoft Technologies stack with .NET framework. OTS boasts of investing and retaining many senior and seasoned Microsoft certified .net developers.

PHP / LAMP Development

PHP application development is the one of the core expertise of OTS Solutions. It enables the web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. OTS application development team has engineers certified in PHP..

Java Development

Whether you are seeking simple standalone Core Java applications or complex and important enterprise level applications, OTS Solutions has the necessary expertise to provide you java development services and solutions…

Success Stories

Manufacturing Quality Checking & Tracing Software

Problem Statement:

Customer wanted to check the quality of the product they wanted to create in their newly operational facility at each production stage using software. They were looking for the software to integrate with barcode and quality sensor and tools and provide reports to top management on quality checks.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the project requirements as per the needs of the customer. The application was proposed to operate on windows based networked platform built using .NET winforms for desktop applications along with a SQL Server Database backend.
The application was designed to contain multiple stages through which the product is checked for quality in production and is integrated with the barcode and other physical devices to automate reading the required quality parameters for the manufactured component.

The application had features like,
•Multi step wizard like architecture mapping to various steps in process
•Detailed Reporting
•Integration with Physical Devices
•Multiple Users Intranet Application

Web Based CRM Application

Problem Statement:

Customizing the existing vTiger CRM as per the business model of client. The developed application should also allow company to keep track of the progress of the assigned service contracts and they can even evaluate the efficiency of the support engineers by analysing the graphs.

Solution Offered:

OTS customized the V-Tiger CRM software as per the client business process. We have worked on Work-order Module which is similar to Sales Order module, developed the warehouse module for the Inventory section, Problem report module with respect to each contact, Add leave data for user, Material Request Module, Customized the user role, Developed the Service Productivity report, Work-Order status report, First Time fix report.

Desktop Client For Document Management Suite

Problem Statement:

Making a desktop based client for well-established enterprise content management suite to support indexing and retrieving of electronic documents through service-oriented architecture. Some of the challenges to consider were,

  • Desktop application to support multiple platforms
  • Direct integration with available API
  • Single sign on and licensing management

Solution Offered:

OTS created the desktop based application using core Java with SWING technology. The application is designed to integrate with available database API through web services on the fly. Application is in production and sold as part of enterprise suite offered by the customer.

The desktop-based application has these features,

  • Ability to initiate scanning
  • Ability to index and store the electronic documents
  • Ability to search and retrieve indexed documents
  • Ability to scan using scanners and supported devices
  • Downloading documents using PDF

Recruiters Placement Automation Product

Problem Statement:

To create recruitment solution aimed at recruitment agencies anywhere in the world. Aimed for simple design and possibility to have multiple windows open and switching between them very quickly and easily.

Solution Offered:

OTS helped the client create and manage their product. OTS also supports their complex needs by providing extendible integrations with other technologies like providing text based searching in files, integration with exchange, mobile apps etc.

The main features of application can be seen as,

  • CV Parsing
  • Candidates Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Integration with outlook
  • Integration with Broadbean, Daxtra and other software
  • Integration with web services

Enterprise Level HR Competency Assessment Product

Problem Statement:

Creating a competency assessment software product for their customers with their proprietary matrix algorithm giving clear picture on managerial and technical skills for their business.

Solution Offered:

OTS helped the client conceptualize and create a product mapping to the competencies available in an organization helping the managers and users create their profile with skill rating on competencies they possess.

OTS created the product using Java / J2EE technologies with advanced Javascript based AJAX controls and modern Web 2.0 design. The enterprise product is architecture to have a creation of profile mechanism broken in several steps as an online wizard style application. The main features of application can be seen as,

• Personalization of login page
• Personal detail management
• Profile creation
• Profile management and skills ratings
• Calculation of employee competency for an organization
• Trainings Management
• Users Management
• Profiles Assessment & Approval