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ASP.NET Software Development

OTS Solutions offers ASP.NET software development in web 2.0 enabled applications that carry advanced features with high safety levels. The scope of these applications is wide - from simple content sites to entire organisation level networks.

As the safety of web applications becomes more and more crucial, the ASP.NET offers a powerful tool in creating a safe and secure atmosphere for running your apps. This is mostly because of its inbuilt features that can be coupled with other safety and defence tools and strategies. ASP.NET allows one to easily create components that can withstand repeated use. In addition, it can be seamlessly implemented within a database, enabling more efficient monitoring and developing.

Under our ASP.NET application development we provide the following benefits:

  • Since the code requirement is much lower, large apps are easier to build.
  • With better integration in Windows and pre-app configuration, your app benefits from higher security.
  • ASP.NET has a better performance record, thanks to local optimisation, early bindings, in-time compilation and cache supporting facilities.
  • Drag-and-drop server control, WYSIWYG editing and other such features can be easily created using various tools like the toolbox and visual studio.
  • Here the HTML and source code appear together, making ASP.NET pages easier to write and manage. The result is a flexible and more easily managed web page.
  • ASP.NET supervises and maintains every process in detail, enabling your app to handle any demand with ease. Redundant processes can be easily replaced by newer and better avatars.ASP.NET is language independent. This means you have the flexibility of working with any language you want, even incorporating multiple languages in your app.


At OTS Solutions we will assist you in transferring your stand-alone internet application to .NET. Apart from re-engineering, we will undertake all .NET functions, including support and development of the app in .NET.

With its wide scope of services and multiple benefits, ASP.NET development is often considered to be an expensive choice. We have a team of experienced .NET developers who have the skill to manage any demand within a specified budget bracket.

OTS Solutions offers services in the following .NET technology areas:


Desktop Sharepoint Silverlight Windows Hire
.Net Desktop
Windows Mobile
Hire Dedicated
.NET Developers


To inquire more about our ASP .NET Development Outsourcing services, feel free to contact us or email us at sales@otssolutions.com

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