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Core PHP Application Development

In this era where internet is the way of life in almost all businesses, core PHP application development has emerged as a necessity. This scripting language, which is well accepted now all round the world, is basically used to create the outline for the majority of online web applications. So, whether you want to build an interactive and user-friendly website, or need to create a dynamic website that will help you garner increased traffic and sales figures, you can outsource your needs to OTS Solutions.

Core PHP application development services of OTS can help you to create websites with multi-tier design and stability. One of the resources of core PHP is Joomla development, which is best suited for HTML embedded web developments, and OTS developers can help in this regard with their expertise and experience.
The advantages of using PHP web development services of OTS are:

  • Primary focus with PHP is on the server-side scripting which means you can do anything that other CGI programs can do.
  • Core PHP application development supports all the major operating systems like Linux, Microsoft and Mac operating system. This gives the developer the freedom to select any operating system s/he wants depending on what your requirements are.
  • All chief web servers like Microsoft IIS, Netscape, Apache and Personal webserver etc. are supported by PHP. 
  • Using core PHP allows you to support a wide range of databases including MySql, IBM, DB2, SQlite, dBase and many more.
  • Core PHP programming uses it’s own memory space. This decreases the load of work from the server and the processing speed is automatically increased.
  • Being an open source programming language, PHP is available for free and also has a large community support from across the globe, which makes application development faster and better.
  • Core PHP has been under constant development for the past 15 years, which makes it a proven technology which is used by most websites garnering high traffic.
  • The application development time for PHP web development is very fast.


At OTS Solutions, we provide you with all PHP related services that will help you in your business sphere, and let you reap the benefits in the form of high ROIs for your company.

OTS also offers services in these PHP Technology areas (click on any image to know more about our offerings in that area),

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To inquire more about our Core php Development, feel free to contact us or email us at sales@otssolutions.com


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