JAVA Technologies

JAVA Technologies

Whether you are seeking simple standalone Core Java applications or complex and important enterprise level applications, OTS Solutions has the necessary expertise to provide you the same. Java is one of the leading development platforms available today and OTS Solutions uses Core Java development solutions to ensure that your applications are developed in the shortest period of time and are of top quality.

When developing applications using Core Java technologies, it is important to understand well in advance, whether the application is to be used by a single desktop or a network. It is essential to note that the development of the app is affected by this factor. Following are some of the factors that most application developers consider when using Core Java for application development

    • The extent of distribution of the application: As mentioned above, this includes whether the application is used for a single desktop or a network.
    • Graphical user interface: It is important to decide whether or not you want to use GUI or graphical user interface when developing this app. Similarly, when you decide to use GUI, it is important to determine the extent of its usage, in advance.
    • Functionalities: It is equally important to determine the functions that the app would perform, in advance before designing or creating the app.
    • Deployment
    • Security measures
    • Internalization, which means and includes the ability to translate the app into other languages
    • Deciding whether or not you need high end graphics
    • Core Java development has the following features, which are extremely important
    • Core Libraries
    • Utilizing Java programming language for creation of apps
    • High levels of Security
    • Excellent networking
    • Ability to monitor and evaluate reliability of application
    • Debuggers and Profilers to help sort out any problems.


OTS Solutions has excellent experience and expertise in Core Java development.

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