PHP/LAMP Technologies

PHP/LAMP Technologies

PHP application development is the one of the core expertise of OTS Solutions. It enables the web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. OTS PHP software development team breathes PHP to the core and has stood the test of time, technology and up gradation.

OTS has grown with community developments and has a team of developers focused only on open source development technologies like osCommerce, Joomla, WordPress, Magento with experience in frameworks like Cake, Zend. PHP has slowly become a big strategic change in today’s CIO’s list. OTS has been able to provide fast and robust PHP development based solutions with its highly skilled developers. With its rise and adoption of object-oriented concepts, it is difficult to imagine simple web applications without PHP penetration.

Led by community foundation, OTS has provided PHP development services across the globe in development of simple websites to highly scaled versions of new media, ecommerce and complex enterprise platforms.

OTS – Software Development Outsourcing has been working in all open source frameworks and technologies based on PHP and provide its services based on experience in,