Banking & Finance


New age banking and financial institutes need to be socially responsible along with being able to serve competitively and expanding their reach with high usability and mobility. Today’s consumer wants flexibility, speediness, security and still custom personal experience in dealing with their banks.

OTS understands the banking needs of today’s consumers and offers a blend of secured applications with high reach in the hands of the customers. Our capabilities in real time analysis securely has helped many of our customers gain insight and saved them getting into high risk deals across verticals.

OTS offers necessary innovative and futuristic solutions to banks and financial institutes of the modern world. Many of our customers are medium to large institutes leveraging the possibilities of our software solutions. We have helped many modern day economy churners by automating their operations in one or many segments.


Bringing a conventional bank to online world; Devising mobile strategy and creating secured mobile apps for the banks; Creating solution to automatically managing risk for lending institutes; Automating and managing high load of cards and payment processing are a few examples of the work we have done for organizations in banking and financial sector

OTS offers a wide range of services and solutions to banking and financial industry spread across,

  • Retail Banks
  • Financing & Lending
  • Investment Banks
  • Cards & Payments
  • Asset & Wealth Management

OTS works together with geographically spread teams to offer solutions to various segments of the industry. Some of these unique software and IT solutions offered to banking and financial organizations are,

Online Banking

OTS helps banking customers to bring the ease of usability with real time reach to their customers using Internet. Gone are the days when a consumer was asked to come to the bank for small things. With demand of online banking becoming imperative and complexity of transactions increasing daily, it is important for a bank to choose a highly efficient online banking solution that not only offers the blend of usual services but also matches with the overall picture and brand advantages a bank offers to their consumers.

Mobile Wallet & Banking

Consumers across the globe are moving to use internet and need all necessary services on mini computers in form of smart and wearable technology devices. From conventional banks to online, moving to plastic economy and shifting to virtual wallets over wearable and mobile devices is latest mantra for banking organizations. OTS helps organizations by creating and offering such software solutions integrated with the new devices of current future.

Data Analysis & Risk

After jolted economy downturns, it is now almost impossible of thinking for any bank to operate in high risk environment and need almost real time analysis of various data available online through different systems, evaluating and checking the trends around possible risks before getting into any deals. OTS offers software solutions to analyze the data in almost real time environments presenting risks across various business operations and help the modern financial organizations mitigate by taking more informed decisions and mitigate them well within timeframe.

Payment Automation

From plastic to virtual to cloud, money in current economy flows through various channels and geographies as per the ease of modern day consumer. OTS helps in devising and supporting such secured software solutions for payment gateway and payment automation following necessary guidelines. We have created seamless solutions for the industry to accept and get payments through online and mobile means.

Portfolio Solution

Banks and modern day security exchanges going virtual and online, makes it imperative for investment & wealth organizations to offer software platform to their customers that helps them manage their portfolio and provide real time value, analysis and trends to the current net worth of these new millionaires. OTS helps in creating such portfolio management tools for organizations linking with the secured backend of required protocols and agencies offering unique user experience for consumers of our clients.

Success Stories

Budget Consolidator Application

Problem Statement:

One of the biggest non-profit organizations in India having over 500 offices across the country needed a tool to manage the yearly budgets for the organization. Every year for their planning and budgeting activity, they receive over 100 complex excel sheets which have to be consolidated in a single sheet to show the top level budget requirements of the organization.

Solution Offered:

OTS studies the requirement and proposed a desktop based application which will combine all the MS Excel files received and consolidates the figures into a single excel to be viewed and used by the senior management.

Proposed application is made to cover,
•Consolidating over 100 multi sheet complex excel files
•Easy installation and support windows XP and windows 7
•Fast access to data

Short Term Loan Management Web Application

Problem Statement:

The client had been using a desktop based solution from a 3rd party vendor which had numerous limitations and very less customization capabilities to suit the business needs of the staff and the management. Also, it forced the client to store all the financial figures on a database server that was not in control and can be compromised if required.
Client was expanding with multiple stores and was looking for a centralized web based software that can be used at all their stores.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a web-based application that will enable the client to create loans for his/her customer and manage all related operation.
OTS also proposed to add many new features that may be needed by a big financial services company. The client later planned to sell it as a hosted SAAS based solution to other financial services customers as well.

Web Based Online Banking Module

Problem Statement:

To develop web based secure solution that allows the Bank to review and approve the customer application and manage the transactions while allowing the user to experience the whole banking related transactions on the go.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a Java Based web application that allows the Bank Staff and Customers to manage the accounts and transactions on a single platform. The Bank’s prime goal was to have bank representatives to have all the customer applications to be managed from this app and then allowing the customers of the Bank to manage the transactions online.
The application was having the following sections and functionalities,
• RSA SecurID for added security
• Multi-Currency Support
• Easy to use, have user guides in case required
• Secure and Robust
• Multiple Account types
• Single platform for Bank Staff and End Customers
• Custom Access features as per user rights
• Integration with IBAN & SWIFT Code and Currency convertors
• User Notifications
• Mapping multiple accounts to a Customer
• Term Deposits
• Internal and Foreign Transfers
• Order Management

Insurance Automation & Management Application

Problem Statement:

Developing an online portal and internal system for insurance companies doing group insurance in South Africa. The application allows the complete insurance management for groups and providers.

Solution Offered:

This software is to help various admin/carriers who look forward to get insurances/policy for him/her or group. The application is sold as enterprise on premise model and the pricing can be changed according to the region where the end customer belongs.

Key Features:
1. Career Management
2. User Management
3. Groups Management
4. Products Management
5. Contracts Management
6. Contracts Search
7. Sales Management

Crowdfunding Platform

Problem Statement:

To create a web based Crowd Funding platform that will also work as white Label platform and will be modeled as a SAAS product.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a web-based application that will allow the administrator to add crowd-funding Projects and manage the Users on the site with their Funded Project.

Following are the types of users of the application:

• Project Owner
• Investor
• Service Provider

The application was targeted to deal with three kinds of projects for the above users:

• Donation based project
• Loan based project
• Equity based project