Applications Support & Maintenance


Software applications in organizations have become an essential part of running their businesses efficiently. This has led the companies to have their own large IT teams in creating and managing these applications for them. The load of these applications however many times is way and beyond the capacity of these internal IT organizations.

OTS Solutions has helped clients around the globe by creating and supporting industry standard or custom software applications for them. We have experience in wide range of industries and solutions to cater overall spectrum of business application needs of our clients.

Ranging from legacy mainframe based solutions to modern mobile and smart devices apps, OTS solutions can easily boast having worked with over 200+ mid to large scale solutions and managing them for our clients.


OTS offers its own unique and proprietary way of implementing & supporting the software in agile yet predictable fashion. We help our clients with these offerings around,

Custom applications support

OTS understands that custom applications are difficult ones to manage; hence we bring across our experience in taking over applications built by others or us and bing able to support them with our engineers at deepest technical levels required.

Legacy applications support

We help clients that are still struggling or sticking with any legacy applications from their past du to any reasons. Our solutions support range from well known legacy applications which are end of life or custom applications built on legacy technologies from past and help clients to move to latest applications or support them till they are ready to phase them.

Cloud applications support
  • Microsoft Azure support

    We help businesses with their cloud based implementation over mIcrosoft cloud services in Azure.

  • Amazon Webservices support

    OTS has helped businesses with creating scalable amazon web services based cloud implementations and supporting them for the clients.

  • Office 365 support

    OTS provides support and implementation services for Microsoft’s most famous and used cloud based product – Office 365.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM support

    Bring your CRM needs into the cloud and get support from OTS in implementing and supporting Microsoft CRM offerings in cloud or hybrid mode.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Sharepoint support

    From mid to large companies needing better collaboration and access for their employees and external parties for the data in secured manner, OTS offers its support for Microsoft Sharepoint over cloud or hybrid.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 support

    This is the latest in offerings from Microsoft in path to move their loyal business user base into the cloud by offering easy to afford business solutions. OTS helps businesses in implementing and supporting the Dynamics 365 applications.

  • Business Applications support

    OTS has capabilities in offering the applications support for your overall BI, ERP, CRM implementations around SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Pega, Netsuite and other leading vendors.

Success Stories

Tablet Based Showcase App for Publishing House

Problem Statement:

To develop windows based tablet and desktop application that allows the user to carry the whole database of the books of the customer on the go. The publisher with millions of complex records in ever growing database required all the books and products should be available to their customer sales representatives at all times.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a tablet and touch style application which will take the database of books on regular intervals from a centralized location and updates the database. This database then is stored locally on the tablet style windows PC which is then used by application allowing the users to,
• Search for product
• View product details
• Narrow search results
• Check for new DB updates

Budget Consolidator Application

Problem Statement:

One of the biggest non-profit organizations in India having over 500 offices across the country needed a tool to manage the yearly budgets for the organization. Every year for their planning and budgeting activity, they receive over 100 complex excel sheets which have to be consolidated in a single sheet to show the top level budget requirements of the organization.

Solution Offered:

OTS studies the requirement and proposed a desktop based application which will combine all the MS Excel files received and consolidates the figures into a single excel to be viewed and used by the senior management.

Proposed application is made to cover,
•Consolidating over 100 multi sheet complex excel files
•Easy installation and support windows XP and windows 7
•Fast access to data

Retail POS Integration with ecommerce website

Problem Statement:

To Integrate and Support Microsoft RMS POS with osCommerce web based website

Solution Offered:

Customer needed to provide a platform to its clients that would allow them to have direct integration with local Microsoft based POS. We have used osCommerce open source ecommerce solution and customized it according to the customer needs. The customized version is synchronized with their RMS server database. Synchronization is done by making use of SOAP services. We have also customized the theme for osCommerce.

Key Features:

1. Fully Functional E-Commerce Store
2. Synchronizes product catalogue by using SOAP services
3. Whole store is in Sync with RMS server database.  (Products , departments , images , orders etc) which is done by cron jobs
4. Health Notes API Integration
5. Site admin can control the display of Health Notes
6. Option for site Admin to manually run sync services (whenever needed)
7. Out of Stock functionality for catalogue section
8. URL Rewritten to show .html extensions
9. Theme customization for front end

Manufacturing Quality Checking & Tracing Software

Problem Statement:

Customer wanted to check the quality of the product they wanted to create in their newly operational facility at each production stage using software. They were looking for the software to integrate with barcode and quality sensor and tools and provide reports to top management on quality checks.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the project requirements as per the needs of the customer. The application was proposed to operate on windows based networked platform built using .NET winforms for desktop applications along with a SQL Server Database backend.
The application was designed to contain multiple stages through which the product is checked for quality in production and is integrated with the barcode and other physical devices to automate reading the required quality parameters for the manufactured component.

The application had features like,
•Multi step wizard like architecture mapping to various steps in process
•Detailed Reporting
•Integration with Physical Devices
•Multiple Users Intranet Application

Distribution Integration Software

Problem Statement:

Creating an application to automate the order processing for the customers of our client. Integrating with the systems of their biggest customer in USA.

Solution Offered:

OTS reviewed and created an online .NET based system that integrates with the internal ERP of the client. The master product etc. information is synched with the help of web services from and to the system. The application then allows their fortune 500 customers to view latest data on products and then place orders which then get integrated into the internal ERP of the client. The product has these features,

• Product Details with Availability

• Order Placements

• Multiple user groups with different access and views

• Web Service Integration

• Multiple Reports

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