Business Intelligence & Analytics


Since the evolution of information technology, data has increased and grown multi fold across organizations and industries. Data scientists across the world today believe that this data accumulated over the years, holds the key to many success stories. There is a huge upsurge in demand of being able to analyze the data using models interpreted into easy to understand visualized reports and dashboards that help businesses to take more informed decisions across verticals and departments.

OTS has been serving its customers through its business intelligence and analytics center of excellence. Our team comprises of data and statistics experts that help unveil the unexplored meaning to existing data acquired through heterogeneous forms of data sources.

OTS has experience in working with large sets of big data providing consultation to its clients in formulating their big data and intelligence strategy. With our data and analysis experts, OTS has helped many businesses save real dollars and grow in efficiencies through more informed data models and trends created specifically to resolve complex problems.


OTS believes that Data has been always the most valuable asset for any organization. Utilizing data in an intelligent way for the business can facilitate decisions based on real facts rather than intuition, thus helping improve business processes, minimize risk, reduce costs and increase business in general. To counter such challenges our team of business intelligence experts offers solutions around,

Big Data

Large organizations have always been looking of ways to store their large live or archived data into an extractable form. CIOs of modern day organizations have been struggling to store such big data in most efficient ways possible. OTS helps such organizations to formulate big data strategies and suggest on infrastructure and technologies required to store that big data in format so that it can be retrieved with ease and efficiently.

Data Warehousing

With years of data storage into various different formats and structures, slowly it becomes a heterogeneous mix of technology architectures and platforms used to store the data in large volumes. OTS helps organizations to devise and create data warehouses for needs of organizational data extracting strategies.

Data Analytics & Modeling

OTS business intelligence team of experts helps analyzing heterogeneous mix of large transactional data of organizations to analyze and create models for historical evaluation, analysis and discovering trends that can help them to take informed decisions and form better strategies.

Dashboards & Visualization

Nothing gives more delight to top management other than seeing a rising graph of top line or improved bottom line over time OR a sales manager seeing the team performing better than expected quota through graphical dial. OTS helps its clients in creating such visually appealing and meaningful visualizations through interactive dashboards using software tools that are changing the way reporting as done conventionally.

Success Stories

CRM Analytics Mobile Web App

Problem Statement:

To create the iPAD version of web application which shows analytics using historical data in form of simple statements and graph.

Solution Offered:

Customer SWOT is used to show the customer strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunity and notes. In this mobile optimized web admin can register different data sources with historical data about sales for a customer.

Sales users can then see graphical representation of revenue, margin and units on the basis all and per customer. Users can convert the SWOT, recent activity of customer and graphical representation in PDF format and also send these PDF to any mail account. User can filter the customer on basis of different categories available, add notes per customer and change the company logo.

Key Features:
1.) User Registration and set their connection string for access different databases.
2.) Convert the SWOT, recent activity and graphical representation in PDF format.
3.) Send the SWOT, recent activity and graphical representation in Email to any email account.
4.) Display the margin, units and revenue in graphical form for all and per customer.
5.) Filter the customer list on the basis of different categories.
6.) User can set their company logo.
7.) Admin can activate/de-activate any user.

Budget Consolidator Application

Problem Statement:

One of the biggest non-profit organizations in India having over 500 offices across the country needed a tool to manage the yearly budgets for the organization. Every year for their planning and budgeting activity, they receive over 100 complex excel sheets which have to be consolidated in a single sheet to show the top level budget requirements of the organization.

Solution Offered:

OTS studies the requirement and proposed a desktop based application which will combine all the MS Excel files received and consolidates the figures into a single excel to be viewed and used by the senior management.

Proposed application is made to cover,
•Consolidating over 100 multi sheet complex excel files
•Easy installation and support windows XP and windows 7
•Fast access to data

Students & Learning Management Software

Problem Statement:

Creating a product to strengthen their offerings to education institutes and teachers. The product is created with a vision not to help schools manage their data, but also for teachers who wish to track the performance of their students and improvements with their classes. To be able to provide periodical reports of student’s learning growth using metrics entered by teachers.

Solution Offered:

OTS helped the client rescue from an earlier outsourcing attempt that failed very badly with a non-functional half product. The product was created again from scratch and helped them attain the vision for an admirable product.

OTS created the product using Java / J2EE technologies with advanced Javascript based AJAX controls and modern Web 2.0 design. The enterprise product is planned to be sold to schools where teachers can manage their teaching activities with these features,
• Students Management
• Classes Management
• Dashboard and Messages
• Lesson Management
• Rubric and Performance Management
• Graphical Reports on Performance


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