Cloud Strategy & Integrations


Technology world has changed and is changing rapidly in terms of creating, storing and accessing the applications. Be it business applications or consumer applications, no one wants to invest in large costs around creating data centers and maintaining them anymore.

With the expansion of internet and bandwidth most of it is done today on cloud using virtual access and has expanded the reach of large business applications, that otherwise always seemed inaccessible for the cost to small and medium businesses.

OTS is helping companies create, revisit or implement cloud strategies for their applications. Businesses today are looking to maximize their investment returns by using applications, infrastructure or even platforms using cloud.


OTS core solutions on cloud have ranged from implementing mid to large cloud infrastructure, develop using such platforms and many times even creating such platforms that have been serving as services over cloud to end users. Our offerings can be largely categorized under these,

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) Cloud Implementations

OTS has helped companies around the globe use the full potential of cloud-based infrastructure for their applications. We today support various platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Apps. Our experience has seen breadth of using these services from basic applications to elastic large data warehouse based implementations extending it to multiple distributed servers.

Software as a Service (SAAS) Cloud Implementations

OTS has developed applications that can serve multiple enterprise tenants using same data storage over the cloud through highly secured and scalable means. Some of our larger implementations today help our clients serve millions of consecutive users seamlessly and securely.

Platform as a Service (PAAS) Cloud Implementations

Market leaders like IBM, Google, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce offer large Software applications that cannot just be used directly but can also be extended to custom use of an organization. OTS offers solutions in implementing on such platforms and reach the business goals for our clients.

Success Stories

Surgical Trays Management & Training Software for Hospitals

Problem Statement:

Developing mobile web based application that can be accessed and is highly optimized for iPad viewing. Application allows administrator to add the various Facilities (Hospitals) and their surgical tray compositions, then map the instrument in to the tray so that tray inspector of different facilities can review their trays. The main challenges are achieving higher surgical efficiency and patient safety.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a mobile web based application that allows the administrator to add the facilities (hospital-administrator) and surgical trays where each tray can be mapped against multiple facilities with the below functionalities:
 Upload Hospital-logo
 Set-up new accounts for facilities.
 Upload tray and tool/instrument images and their associate
 Upload text-tips with instrument images.
 Map tray with multiple facilities
 Facility admin can add accounts for tray inspector.
 Tray inspector can take test and review the tool position in the tray.
 Tray inspector can review the tray.
 Facility admin can view reports for trays reviewed by tray inspector and can do assessment of test taken by tray inspector.

Retail POS Integration with ecommerce website

Problem Statement:

To Integrate and Support Microsoft RMS POS with osCommerce web based website

Solution Offered:

Customer needed to provide a platform to its clients that would allow them to have direct integration with local Microsoft based POS. We have used osCommerce open source ecommerce solution and customized it according to the customer needs. The customized version is synchronized with their RMS server database. Synchronization is done by making use of SOAP services. We have also customized the theme for osCommerce.

Key Features:

1. Fully Functional E-Commerce Store
2. Synchronizes product catalogue by using SOAP services
3. Whole store is in Sync with RMS server database.  (Products , departments , images , orders etc) which is done by cron jobs
4. Health Notes API Integration
5. Site admin can control the display of Health Notes
6. Option for site Admin to manually run sync services (whenever needed)
7. Out of Stock functionality for catalogue section
8. URL Rewritten to show .html extensions
9. Theme customization for front end

HR Feedback Enterprise Application

Problem Statement:

To develop an application that allow Staff in an Organization to ask questions to the senior management keeping their identity safe in the knowledge that they cannot be identified that can raise any issues.

Solution Offered:

OTS developed the application on PHP as per the requirements of the client. On one side of the Service are unidentified staffs and on the other are identified members of management. The system provides a filter between the two through which communication can take place.

Shipping & Courier Matching portal

Problem Statement:

The client was looking to create a web-based portal that will allow the shippers to find other vendors or brokers who may have empty space or bandwidth at anytime to carry the load. The application came to us half built not matching to client requirements with many new requests and enhancements proposed.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the enhancements and modification request, and proposed a new layout with more user-friendly option and easy to navigate dashboard. OTS also created list of the functional bugs that were present in different sections and process flows.
The basic idea of the site is to enable anyone who has space available on their vehicle, to easily and quickly retrieve a list of the suitable items available on their route, and conclude a deal to transport those items for an agreed price, thereby earning some extra cash to assist their fuel bill / vehicle maintenance etc.

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