Document Management


Companies today struggle daily with issues of managing the paper and records in the organization. It is observed that paper constitutes over 50% waste that a company throws out averagely on regular basis. Not only the usage of paper forms a major hazard on environment, it must also be observed that these documents stored physically have expensive real estate requirements and may get lost or damaged with time.

It is a strong need of having such paper documents scanned and stored into a central repository for companies. Added with these needs are possibilities of using the soft documents and being able to collaboratively work on these documents across the teams and employees of the organizations.

OTS offers world-class document management solutions with possibilities of not just scanning and indexing the documents, but also have possibilities of working collaboratively on the documents through highly secured environment.


OTS offers possibilities for reducing the paper and move over to highly secured and easy to use document management solution platform. We help the clients in migrating and move to solution that has offerings like,

Documents Storage

With effective database in the backend, the document management solution offerings from OTS has the most robust and industry standard ways of storing the soft and scanned documents in a central repository of the solution.


The documents can be stored as per the needs of customer on basis of custom taxonomy and folder structure defined by the client. Each such document or folder can be secured using user and groups based access rights with possibilities of providing various levels of access to them.

Ease of Access

Document Management Solution by OTS offers unmatched ease of use by providing windows like interface over the web despite being highly secured to the document and granular level.


Each document can be previewed and downloaded as PDF as per the requirements of the client. This feature comes by default so that the security can be altered to allow some users only the view of the document and not download or change it in any manner.


With features like locking documents and update feeds, the users of the document management solution by OTS can work simultaneously on a single file collaborating with each other in numerous possible ways without impacting the integrity of the solution.

Scanning Possibilities

OTS offers through its document management solution possibilities of using various scanning devices for fast access and uploading the documents in the solution. Further possibilities of using OCR and OMR integrations with the solution make it an added value to be used by customers.

Workflow Capabilities

Company wide custom workflow can be designed and defined in the solution that can be used by end users to flow the documents across through the solution.

Success Stories

Web Based Document Management System

Problem Statement:

To create a web based application that can be easily accessible without being installed on any computer. 
The following features were must-have in the system:
• With the proper system rights, user can index local electronic files and documents right from the local PC directory and send them to the enterprise repository
• Should support - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari Browsers
• Works like a comprehensive workflow management tool
• Supports multiple languages
• Fully customizable

Solution Offered:

OTS created the product using Java / J2EE technologies and calling the API provided by client under U2 database. Users can scan and index documents using a simple web based interface with keys and tags used to retrieve the documents later.

The web interface, compatible with all modern browsers, uses the proprietary API calls directly from U2 database and helps users perform these functions:
• Index documents with specific meta information
• Retrieve documents from wherever you need
• PDF conversion on the fly for all supported document types
• Comprehensive workflow management tool
• Supports multiple languages

Since its creation, it has been the most successful and accepted product version for the customer. This has helped the customer fill in that gap of growing demand to have a web based product in their pool of available offerings.

Admin Console for Document Management System

Problem Statement:

To develop an intuitive and user-friendly web based application that helps the administrative users manage all the aspects of installed document management solution.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and created a web-based application that integrates with existing API provided by the customer to manage the installed on premise DMS solution. The web application can be used by administrators to manage things like,
��Document Categories
��Document Types
��Document Keys
��User Groups & Users
��Document Workflow

Windows MS Office Add-In Suite

Problem Statement:

To create and offer the customer product to integrate directly with MS Office products by creating add-ins and add possibilities of windows explorer style add-ins for their desktop users.

Solution Offered:

OTS created the application using windows .NET add-in framework. It comes as a suite product that gets installed as add-in in all MS Office products including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. and Windows explorer.
It allows user to index documents directly into their core Document Management Product without opening it and sends the document data in secured format. The application can further also be used to retrieve the documents as per requirements directly on the fly.

The Benefits:
• Comprehensive plug-in for MS Office Suite Integration
• Selective capture and control of Outlook emails and attachments
• Reliable, affordable and easy integration to most business processes

Desktop Client For Document Management Suite

Problem Statement:

Making a desktop based client for well-established enterprise content management suite to support indexing and retrieving of electronic documents through service-oriented architecture. Some of the challenges to consider were,

  • Desktop application to support multiple platforms
  • Direct integration with available API
  • Single sign on and licensing management

Solution Offered:

OTS created the desktop based application using core Java with SWING technology. The application is designed to integrate with available database API through web services on the fly. Application is in production and sold as part of enterprise suite offered by the customer.

The desktop-based application has these features,

  • Ability to initiate scanning
  • Ability to index and store the electronic documents
  • Ability to search and retrieve indexed documents
  • Ability to scan using scanners and supported devices
  • Downloading documents using PDF

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