The success of eTailers and hybrid retailers like Amazon, BestBuy and eBay with many others has shown the world that E-commerce is the way to go. Every company needs effective e-presence to capture the market share.  E-commerce Solutions practice at OTS helps our customers build and maintain effective web presence in order to effectively reach their markets and boost their bottom lines.


OTS hosts a team of expert retail industry veterans enabling us to offer consultative model and approach. We provide differentiator by not just creating the technical infrastructure to provide ecommerce platform but also perform the merchandising and market strategy evaluation for clients so that they are able to extract maximum value through the E-Commerce initiatives. With the breadth of such offerings we boast to be able to provide these solutions through our E-Commerce center of excellence,

E-Commerce Planning

It is often confusing for clients looking to sell online while considering E-Commerce as plain creation and commencement of an online shop. With our expertise, OTS has created a framework that gives detailed insight of planning not just technology infrastructure but also helping the client devise and drive E-Commerce planning as a strategic move in the organization. With consulting approach, our industry experts help clients in creating market entry reports and products planning to make sure they get maximum returns out on their investments.

Platform Implementation

In the evolution and rapid upsurge of E-Commerce, there are just too many platforms now available as options for clients to choose. From cloud based month-to-month contracts to high-end enterprise solutions, the landscape of solution options just becomes too confusing at times for clients. At OTS, we evaluate the needs of our clients on basis of various factors like planned scales, product types, existing business size, brand value etc. before suggesting the correct technology platform to choose from. With help of our varied expertise, OTS today boasts to have worked with various platforms covering a wide range from medium sized open source platforms to high-end enterprise level of solution offerings.

Magento ECommerce Implementation

OTS has certified development expertise which can help the retailers go online with the most used and famous ecommerce platform - Magento. We have dealt with both community as well as enterprise level of implementations.

WooCommerce ECommerce Implementation

WooCommerce is a well known plugin of WordPress that has widely being used in creating fully integrated ecommerce shops online based on well accepted wordpress platform. We have engineering talent that can help create, integrate and manage WooCommerce based implementations.

Demandware ECommerce Implementation

Demandware is one of the highest growing ECommerce platforms of the online retail world. Its ease of use, customization possibilities, pre built modules have made it highly loved choice by many new retailers. OTS has done various implementations on Demandware and can help you manage and integrate it as per your needs.

Payment Integrations

Choosing right platform for selling then leads to other important decisions like choosing correct payment partner to support correct mix of customer base, currency, taxes, volumes and costs for the client. OTS has experience of working with numerous known payment systems ranging from conventional credit card payment gateways to new era peer to peer payment and on delivery payment mechanisms.

Line of Business Integrations

Many times the existing clients while moving to online space come with preexisting solutions and processes in the organization. Such lines of business applications need to be seamlessly integrated with the E-Commerce platforms to maintain integrity of sales and inventory throughout the organization. OTS helps in providing custom middle tier integrations with other standard or custom line of business applications to support such needs of its clients.


Today’s consumer is moving further away from hard-wired computers to more mobile and wearable gadgets. They want to explore possibilities in knowing more about products, virtually feeling them and then ordering with ease of clicking, tapping or just gesturing. OTS helps extending the E-Commerce platform offerings on hand held devices and mobile wearable gadgets.

Success Stories

Shopping Coupons App

Problem Statement:

To develop an app that provides the users with the discounted coupons on their mobile phone with ability to save and redeem the coupons to the belonging stores.

Solution Offered:

OTS developed the app for iPhone and Android to provide the users with the discounted coupon on their mobile phone and the users are able to save and redeem the coupons to the belonging stores. The users can also view the discounted coupons around them on Google map and can take the picture of discounted coupon they found. The user can login and save the interesting deals in local database on the device.

Books Selling Website

Problem Statement:

To create an online selling website focused on selling the books for the client.

Solution Offered:

OTS created an online ecommerce website portal for the customer. The website was designed and developed by OTS using free source available components based on Wordpress. The website was customized as per the needs of publishing house, providing ability to view the books under various categories and be able to buy the books online.

Online Used Cars / Bikes / Boats Search Engine

Problem Statement:

To create an online web search engine for general public users to be able to look for different kind of autos (bikes, cars, boats, etc) both in used as well as new category. The web portal is to fetch the records from other classifieds and automobile listing websites.

Solution Offered:

OTS offered and successfully built the intranet portal using .NET with scalable crawler and feeder technology helping them to crawl over 50 websites for listings simultaneously. With two way approach, it helps to feed the portal directly with RSS / XML feeds along with crawler to bring in listings from mapped websites across internet.

The portal gives ability to users to be able to search with free text entries using SQL server free text engine and get the results in no time with narrow filters available to see only desired results as required. The page and website implementation is done using latest AJAX and Javascript based technologies giving fast access to end users.

The core business model for the portal is advertising and multiple options are available to employers to sell their auto listings on the search engine. OTS helped by creating pay per click engine helping employers to create advertisement campaigns and take advantage of higher visibility by placing their jobs in sponsored jobs section.

Web Based Product Suggesting Tool

Problem Statement:

To create a Q&A web component that can help a user to find the book by providing answers to questions asked by the wizard.

Solution Offered:

OTS provided complete solution to the customer helping them to create a question and answer based wizard which helps creating the user profile and suggest the products that may be suitable and of interest to the users.
OTS also designed an administrative panel, which allows the admin users to manage the questions, products, categories etc.
Some of the features available are,
• Product Management
• Question Survey Management
• Product Points
• System Settings
• Questionnaires
• Product Suggestions

Free Training Courses Providing Website

Problem Statement:

To develop a website that allows users to view training courses available as per eligibility of the user in Australia and New Zealand.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirement and proposed to develop website with Wordpress backend. It allows user to search the courses, overview of courses, download info, video  and education news and share information. It also provide the facility of enrol and check eligibility of particular courses. It also provided option for site admin to manage the education news, manage site CMS, some of the main functionalities are listed below:

• Search for Courses by location
• Check eligibility
• Education news
• Share with friends using mobile no, email and Facebook.
• Full control of site content by System Administrator


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