Innovation & Digital Transformation


Businesses are seeing amazing times where the technology is no longer a business enabler but has actually become part of the business itself. From small to large, all companies are thriving to build and scale their products and services through technology embedded into their core solutions and offerings to customers.

From simple product usage in old days, it is now becoming overall user and customer experience for the companies that make them stand out and succeed in future. Today’s IT leaders are looking to change the DNA of their organizations to bring innovation in their products & solutions transforming the digital landscape for their businesses.

OTS helps companies to strategize their overall innovation & digital transformation as consulting & implementation partner in their journey of taking their product & customer experiences to the next level.


Companies IT leaders being at helm of the digital transformation always end up struggling in moving the huge internal mass to transform their business digitally. OTS Solutions helps in this process by offering solutions like,

Innovation Strategy Implementation

Innovation today forms the essential gene in DNA and culture of futuristic companies that are believed to bring change for good. Today corporate leaders are looking to form and implement strategies that will help their companies lead the way by innovating and bring new products and services that will change their customer and user experiences overall. OTS brings with it the values and experience of industry veterans who have led such change in big fortune companies.

Open Innovation Centers

Leading the cultural change for innovation may require lot of innovative techniques including forming and opening internal innovation centers in the businesses. OTS has helped companies open, promote & monitor such innovation centers internally and help them grow & channelize the innovation flow top to bottom.

Organization Hackathons

Hackathons are no longer just used to hire new talent by technology startups, but can be a great way to identify ideas that can form & lead the next innovation initiative for your company. Conducting and analyzing the results can be an overwhelming experience for anyone with no or less experience. OTS helps you to organize, promote, analyze & monitor results of such hackathons internally.

Prototype Designs

No good is an idea that may die the death within the thoughts of innovator. OTS provides labs and teams that can help your organizational innovation ideas into prototypes & designs to showcase the effectiveness and reach of the innovation. Such designs can be created in tandem with your core innovation teams and help you save on actual project development.

MVP Implementations

Bringing the lean startup model with ability of failing sooner rather than late, we at OTS helps companies create minimum valuable products (MVP) helping innovation teams showcase the actual working product to the stakeholders and gain funding.

Customer Validation

The product implementations many times need to be validated properly with the clients / customers before they can be brought to light. OTS has access to labs, manpower & tools needed to validate complex technology and non-technology products with actual customers and have honest feedback to tweak before the products are brought to life.

Product Development & Support

The product development & support may be an over burdening exercise for the core innovation tam at a business. OTS provides its labs and skills to create products & further support them wall under one roof for longer run.

Success Stories

Budget Consolidator Application

Problem Statement:

One of the biggest non-profit organizations in India having over 500 offices across the country needed a tool to manage the yearly budgets for the organization. Every year for their planning and budgeting activity, they receive over 100 complex excel sheets which have to be consolidated in a single sheet to show the top level budget requirements of the organization.

Solution Offered:

OTS studies the requirement and proposed a desktop based application which will combine all the MS Excel files received and consolidates the figures into a single excel to be viewed and used by the senior management.

Proposed application is made to cover,
•Consolidating over 100 multi sheet complex excel files
•Easy installation and support windows XP and windows 7
•Fast access to data

Enterprise Facilities Management Software Product

Problem Statement:

To create and manage desktop based application and can be connected with various database options like MySQL and Oracle. The application as planned to have over 200 forms helping enterprise users to manage all aspects of the facilities with some part of enterprise content management.

Solution Offered:

OTS created and now manages the application using the application using Java / J2EE technologies which gets installed as desktop based application and can be connected with various database options like MySQL and Oracle.

It is an application to manage facilities and related data in enterprises. This award winning product has over 15 modules and helps end users manage every aspect of their business and office including,
•Profile Management
•Contact Management
•Document Management
•Location Management
•Facility Management
•Subscriptions Management
•Intervention Management
•Internal Support Ticketing
•Meters Management Reports

Enterprise Level HR Competency Assessment Product

Problem Statement:

Creating a competency assessment software product for their customers with their proprietary matrix algorithm giving clear picture on managerial and technical skills for their business.

Solution Offered:

OTS helped the client conceptualize and create a product mapping to the competencies available in an organization helping the managers and users create their profile with skill rating on competencies they possess.

OTS created the product using Java / J2EE technologies with advanced Javascript based AJAX controls and modern Web 2.0 design. The enterprise product is architecture to have a creation of profile mechanism broken in several steps as an online wizard style application. The main features of application can be seen as,

• Personalization of login page
• Personal detail management
• Profile creation
• Profile management and skills ratings
• Calculation of employee competency for an organization
• Trainings Management
• Users Management
• Profiles Assessment & Approval

Web Based Enterprise Inventory Product

Problem Statement:

The client is interested in the development of a software product that can be used for almost all kind of inventory management process. Further, it must have possible integrations with payment gateways and accounting systems like XERO etc.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed an application that will take care of various operations by specifying the type of product. It provides the means for handling product inventories in a different manner which solves the purpose of a business inventory process and providing efficient reports so that a business can easily estimate/calculate its business profit and losses.

The product allows the business houses to do their routine activities like the receiving of products from supplier and delivery of the same to the customer. Stock transfers from one location to another and taking care of all inventory details in a real-time. Also, allowing the support for POS (point of sale) functionality in web-based environment with their integration to accounting applications.
The product is created with a multi tenant, multi region, multi lingual, scalable architecture.  The product has various large-scale modules like,
• Super Administrator
• Company Administrator
• Sales Assistant
• Quote Management
• Accounts Management
• Stock Management
• POS Solution
• Reports
• Accounting Integration

Web Based Product Suggesting Tool

Problem Statement:

To create a Q&A web component that can help a user to find the book by providing answers to questions asked by the wizard.

Solution Offered:

OTS provided complete solution to the customer helping them to create a question and answer based wizard which helps creating the user profile and suggest the products that may be suitable and of interest to the users.
OTS also designed an administrative panel, which allows the admin users to manage the questions, products, categories etc.
Some of the features available are,
• Product Management
• Question Survey Management
• Product Points
• System Settings
• Questionnaires
• Product Suggestions

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