Internet of Things (IOT)


World is getting smarter with devices from large to small starting to get connected through intranet or internet capabilities. Starting with the explosion we have seen around smartphones and their reach to users, it can easily be told that the next way of technology smartness will be around various mechanical and electrical goods we use and see in our daily lives.

Companies of the world are trying to bring these innovations into their products by implementing sensors from large to really nano small into their core usage. This does not only allow the possibility of humans to interact with these devices in a new way but also brings a wave of new data points being retrieved almost continuously that can lead to new technology revolution.

OTS has helped early and late stage companies that want to innovate their products with these rapidly growing technology changes. We help companies suggest & integrate with physical sensors that can be implemented in these products. Further, we can extend the help with end user interfaces, applications, data analytics, administrative consoles, data controls & security audits around such devices.


With the Internet of Things (IOT) slowly becoming reality by attaching more and more devices into the network, OTS has helped many such companies in bringing their products to life and making them connected with the users offering new refreshing user experiences for them. Some of our core offerings for IOT solutions are,

IOT Planning & Strategy

OTS helps you plan the smartness for your products by bringing our experience in field of sensors and integration of hardware components needed to make the next wave of your products more smart and always connected.

Sensor Integrations

OTS has access to resources and skills that help us suggest the sensors our clients need to transform their products into smart connected products. We have done hundreds of different sensor integrations with the core OS implementations on devices enabling the products to be smart products and bring them on Internet of Things (IOT) bandwagon.

User Applications

User application form the heart of the user experience for any product and OTS has core expertise in creating applications that provide ease with speed for the users. Each IOT device comes with its own resource limitations and application interfacing is always a challenge in such scenarios. We have successfully implemented apps on web, mobile, desktops and even custom devices that provide end access to users and administrators in monitoring, controlling and managing these smart IOT devices.

IOT Security Implementation

As these IOT devices and products start getting on network and interchanging the data between themselves or cloud, they become highly vulnerable and must be checked for data & network security hacks that can be exploited. OTS checks and implements controls to make sure that these devices continue to work without being an easy point of exploit for users.

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