Mobile Apps Development


With world moving from desktop form factor to smaller devices, mobility is now part of any company’s investment into software solutions. Employees and users want to be able to access the information through various devices provided by the business or on their own.

Employees and Executives today are expected to be available almost 24×7 for any urgencies and take any immediate action if required on any business decision. Such changes in ecosystem of businesses has given rise to the requirement of enterprise mobility and planning the solutions on mobile devices in parallel to legacy devices like desktop over internet.

OTS has helped many companies in the past by creating mobility solutions as part of their offerings to the clients. Such solutions are tailored for specific business requirement and planned to support required platforms, screen sizes and devices as per the policy and needs of client.


Over the past years, OTS has been able to successfully deliver and deploy many enterprise and consumer mobile apps for its clients. The applications have been spread across various usability features like,

  • Location / GPS Based Apps
  • Simple Games
  • Data Manipulation Apps
  • Data Visualization Apps
  • HTML 5 Apps
  • Mobility Workforce Apps
  • eVoting & eSurvey Apps
  • Mobile Porting Apps

The applications developed by OTS under mobility solutions have been spread across various platforms and development initiatives like,

iOS Mobile Development

OTS offers its development of mobility solutions for iOS that form part of mostly used apple devices. We have been involved in supporting devices of all form factors including Phones, Tablets, and Wearable Technology

Android Mobile Development

Android is an open source and most spread platform adopted by most of leading mobile companies. OTS offers mobility solutions on Android platform tailored as per needs of the client across all devices including Phones, Tablets and Wearable Technology.

Windows Mobile Development

Microsoft has been slow in capturing the market but pushing its windows platform very aggressively now on smart and mobile devices. OTS has helped many companies by offering its development solutions for windows mobile and tablet OS using its expertise.

Cross Platform Mobile Development

Mobile apps at times can take significant investment especially with multiple platforms being promoted as proprietary through various different companies and devices. OTS has been an early mover to offer cross platform programming and development solutions to be able to support and lower down the costs significantly for its clients.

Success Stories

Carpool Matching Engine Mobile Website

Problem Statement:

Creatingmobile web version of online carpool-requesting portal for public users over Internet. It provides the way to use Matchride as a \"rider\" to catch a ride with someone in your extended network and/or as \"driver\" to offer a ride to someone in your extended network.

Solution Offered:

OTS developed an extension of the Internet portal and ported on mobile device resolutions. The app helps the people to find and match the car pools available for the routes that they travelling or travel on regular basis. The users may further choose to book a ride from available car pools or register a new route offering the car pools.

Adventure Tourists App

Problem Statement:

To develop mobile app that allows the users who are registered for an adventure trip to be able to register into the app and post the updates and remain connected to the rest of the world while they are on a trip where less or no Internet connectivity is available.

Solution Offered:

OTS reviewed the requirements and came up with a solution to allow the adventure loving people remain connected while on a Trip. With this app user can share trip experience with his team members by posting to a blog via SMS.

Client required us to design an app that can keep the people connected by `sending the information about their well-being and progress on the trip to the people back home and other groups around the same area on the same adventure trip.

One can post images, videos and his current location to the server via SMS so that they can remain in touch with other teammates. In case the internet connectivity is not available the app stores the information locally into the device and sends across as soon the data connection is available. The users are also able to define if they only want the app to send across the data when they are in a Wi-Fi enabled area or they want the app to keep posting even in case of high roaming rates to the blog.

Healthcare Foundation Information App

Problem Statement:

To show the information about foundation and its initiatives using the mobile version of the website in controlled app environment.

Solution Offered:

This is simple version of browser based app to show the information about the healthcare foundation which in backend opens mobile version of the website in controlled environment. It is a tab view based app to browse through information of the national Parkinson’s foundation.

Travel Itinerary Management App

Problem Statement:

To develop and create an application that helps users to manage their itineraries created on portal and show them required information on the move.

Solution Offered:

OTS developed the app for managing user trip details including management of trip’s day and associated activities. The app was designed to get the trip details including images etc. on to the device using web service and available offline in hand for users on the move.

Key Features:
• Itinerary Listing
• POI (Point of Interests) Listing
• POI Contacts View
• POI Review View
• POI Detail View
• POI MAP View
• Life Line View
• Time Shift
• Trip Map View
• Search View

Senior Citizens Social Networking App

Problem Statement:

To develop mobile app and website that allows senior citizen users to search businesses related to health like nursing homes, hospitals etc. Website acts as mini social network for people looking for healthcare services, users can search businesses based on location search with the help of Google maps

Solution Offered:

OTS reviewed the requirements and came up with a solution to allow the people to connect with each other and to search nursing home, home care business, assisted living, memory care, doctor, and hospital, etc. from both mobile and web application. If the users want to ask questions about different diseases, they can ask and receive answers from people around. Businesses can register on the website and manage their details and respond to queries from the end users of the app.

•Search for Businesses on map
•View Business details
•Send enquiries to Business
•Interact with other users

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