Education providers of modern world want to leverage usage of Internet and technology spread across the learners of the era. Today’s learning is not dependent on classrooms but is laid on principles of anytime, anywhere and anyone.

With the boundaries of classrooms dissolved, the requirement of virtual learning is increasingly becoming necessary leading the user experience to be as collaborative and as real as possible. OTS has helped many education providers to formalize and implement their eLearning strategy and offer virtual courses for distant learners.

Another aspect of solution needs for such organizations is to be able to manage the internal systems and data for better and smooth operations. OTS has helped such educational providers through its software solution offerings providing them a single window and platform to manage and support largely distributed network of their operations.


OTS has helped many education providers in the past with software solutions that have helped them and the learners connect and collaborate through the ease of usable platforms. Some of our unique offerings in the space of education providers are,

E-Learning & Collaboration

With virtual classrooms and courses being offered on paid and free basis all around the world, it is an important step for any education provider to assess and make this as part of their distant and on campus learners. OTS has helped such organizations by offering technology and software solutions that offer a single window platform to manage the content, course material, course subscriptions, class management, whiteboards, video collaboration, text and notes, video archives.

Intranet Portal

It is well known aspect that collaboration is key for innovation and effective learning. OTS has helped in creating and providing such intranet technology portals where learners and teachers of today’s world can connect and share ideas in most collaborative way. Such software portals provided by OTS also help the learners to do usual activities of the organization like calendar mapping, lesson notes, books sharing, social connects, leaves processes etc.

Document Management

Education as an industry has been relying heavily on usage of paper and physical documents conventionally. OTS has helped many such organizations go paperless by scanning and storing paper documents, moving to soft electronic forms and documents, flowing them through pre defined workflow as per needs and be able to search them using various parameters. Such document management solutions have helped organizations getting the documents at single click of mouse securely as and when needed in no time.

Success Stories

Education Scholarship & Awards Management System

Problem Statement:

Client was looking to create a management system to automate the application, reviewing and awarding process for education awards and scholarships provided to general public.


Solution Offered:

The solution is intent to be sold as a service integrated with a network based camera to be installed in various properties for users. These cameras are designed specifically to connect to Internet using an embedded modem and dial up connections when a movement is sensed.

Once connected to Internet these cameras send the images to acentralized java based server that pools in all the images with a unique identifier assigned to the camera and convert them into a movie file on the fly, and finally post them into the database.

The system will be customized to be able to send message (SMS and email) alerts to the users as per the options chosen by the customers. The solution integrates with HTTP based API for sending SMS using a third party service for the same.

Some of the features available in system are,

• User Groups Management

• Users Management

• Seasons Management

• Award Categories Management

• Awards Management

• Forms Management

• Assessors Management

• Assessment Cycles

• Results Verification & Consolidation

• Results Announcements

Students & Learning Management Software

Problem Statement:

Creating a product to strengthen their offerings to education institutes and teachers. The product is created with a vision not to help schools manage their data, but also for teachers who wish to track the performance of their students and improvements with their classes. To be able to provide periodical reports of student’s learning growth using metrics entered by teachers.

Solution Offered:

OTS helped the client rescue from an earlier outsourcing attempt that failed very badly with a non-functional half product. The product was created again from scratch and helped them attain the vision for an admirable product.

OTS created the product using Java / J2EE technologies with advanced Javascript based AJAX controls and modern Web 2.0 design. The enterprise product is planned to be sold to schools where teachers can manage their teaching activities with these features,
• Students Management
• Classes Management
• Dashboard and Messages
• Lesson Management
• Rubric and Performance Management
• Graphical Reports on Performance

Free Training Courses Providing Website

Problem Statement:

To develop a website that allows users to view training courses available as per eligibility of the user in Australia and New Zealand.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirement and proposed to develop website with Wordpress backend. It allows user to search the courses, overview of courses, download info, video  and education news and share information. It also provide the facility of enrol and check eligibility of particular courses. It also provided option for site admin to manage the education news, manage site CMS, some of the main functionalities are listed below:

• Search for Courses by location
• Check eligibility
• Education news
• Share with friends using mobile no, email and Facebook.
• Full control of site content by System Administrator