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We help technology startups and enterprises make their mobile ideas into reality.

mobile app development

Mobile App Development

World has seen phenomenal growth in mobile devices and their usage around the world. The form factor has reduced but the computing power has grown many folds.OTS Solutions provides mobile app development services covering wide variety of platforms and devices like iOS, Android, Windows, iPhones, iPad, Tablets etc.

We help you develop mobile apps for every category ranging from marketing apps, data driven game apps, productivity mobile apps, lifestyle apps to complex enterprise scale mobile apps.

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UI/UX Strategy

With reduced form factor and screen sizes, defining usability and designing attractive user interfaces for the users has become very important step in creating mobile apps. UI real estate has become very expensive and must be planned wisely.

We provide our expert advice with the experience of engineers trained specially in UI / UX strategies for creating modern award winning mobile apps.

ui/ux strategy

Why OTS?

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Mobile Strategy

With years, mobile app development has become a strategy not to be missed by today’s CTO and CIOs. You need to devise customer centered mobility strategy that should provide ease of use along with power of cloud and data in the hands of your users. Taking decisions and crating such mobile strategy is a daunting task for any technology leader.

OTS helps in devising mobile strategy for your enterprise or your app. We help you in decisions like doing native apps or choosing the hybrid approach? Usingcross platform mobile app development or developing in native languages? Doing HTML5 based mobile web apps development? Doing mobile shell apps? How do we securely interact and integrate with other systems and applications?

mobile strategy
mobile strategy
mobile strategy

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native mobile apps

Native mobile apps

Mobile strategy for your mobile apps must clearly define the requirements to access features from the devices. Many instances, it is advised to go for pure native mobile apps development that can speak with core operating system and access features of devices through the app.

We have a large pool of specialized expert mobile app developers that help you create native mobile apps in fast track. We provide mobile app development across many platforms natively including iOS, Android and Windows.

Responsive mobile web apps

OTS develops mobile web apps that are designed responsive and support a wide flare of operating systems and devices. We help in automatically scaling and choosing the functional units of the application that selectively show on different screen sizes in responsive mobile web apps.

responsive mobile app development

Cross platform mobile apps

Mobile device platforms have seen a phenomenal growth in th past few years. Breadth of variety from iOS, Android, Windows and complexity of various versions and device form factors, it becomes real challenge to support and manage all these different combinations for your mobile apps.

OTS offers its cross platform mobile app development expertise with tools like Phonegap, Titanium etc. We have worked with many apps that are developed to support cross platform with single codebase.

cross platform mobile app development

How do we succeed all the time?

true agile

True Agile

OTS offers its services in true agile fashion. Being nature as is of mobile app development, today’s app companies need partners that believe in philosophy of agile and being lean at all times. We are a true agile mobile app development company offering intuitive engagement models that help businesses to bring changes to requirements at any stage of app development.

Scrum or Kanban

Scrum or Kanban

Mobile software development life cycle has gone far from being linear and waterfall model no longer serves the purpose of complexity involved in today’s innovation needs. We offer Scrum or Kanban options in our mobile app development services.



OTS hosts its own team of UI / UX specialists that guide us create intuitive, user friendly user interfaces with unique designs yet accessible to the needs of users with respect to the screen sizes available for mobile apps.

Top mobile app developers

Top mobile app developers

We only hire top of class mobile app developers and train them on our proprietary world class process, making sure that we deliver same world class quality in all mobile app products we help our clients build.

Our Work


Cross platform mobile app developed and designed for real estate brokers for Indian market. Interactive listings with map view and ability of messaging each other.


Mobile and web apps created for unique calendar app. Syncing your local calendars on cloud server. Automatic event updates according to realtime traffic conditions.


iOS and Android Mobile apps along the with web application. New york based food delivery service gets your favorite restaurants close with tracking delivery on maps.


Native mobile apps developed for checking on safety and well being of your loved ones. Get notified if the listed loved ones do not answer or check in at desired intervals.


Tablet based mobile web app to generate and show an automatic SWOT report for your customers and sales data from existing CRM solution.

S2 Procedure

Tablet based mobile web app created for health organizations to provide full control over their staff training needs and operational efficiencies.


Native iOS mobile app targeted for motor bike enthusiasts. From organizing trips to seeing progress of your rides on maps with tracks along full inventory of your bikes.


Windows tablet mobile app created for sales representatives of this publishing giant. Reduced the costs through ebooks preview in this handy showcase.