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ASP.NET Development

OTS Solutions is a software development outsourcing company that has proven its track record in .NET based application and software development. We have one of the largest Microsoft Certified developers pool readily available to be used on projects of our clients. We have worked in every nook and corner of .NET development starting with early aged framework to latest 4.0 and MVC architectures in .NET. Our experience has spanned over various technologies under .NET stack.

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Why OTS ?

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Microsoft Certified Service Provider
  • Large Pool of .NET Developers
  • Over 12 Years of experience in Development
  • Cost Effective Development
  • Skilled & Efficient Management Layer
  • Onsite & offshore Availability
  • CMMI-3 Processes
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 100% Confidentiality Assurance
  • 3 Layered IP Security Assurance

.NET Offerings

  • ASP.NET Development
  • MVC ASP.NET Development
  • Desktop Windows Application Development
  • Windows Azure Development
  • Microsoft Silverlight Development
  • Windows Mobile Apps Development
  • Metro Style Windows 8 Application Development
  • WCF Development
  • .NET Web Services Development
  • WPF Development
  • Microsoft Office Plugin Development
  • Internet Explorer Plugin Development
  • Core Windows SDK Development
  • Sharepoint Development
  • Microsoft SSRS Development

Success Stories

Food Retail POS Synchronizing Application

Problem Statement:

To make a solution to develop a service that will work as a bridge between the web server and multiple POS databases. The client sells POS application to many big names in the world and needed a solution to bring these users online using a centralized database synching tool.

Solution Offered:

OTS proposed and created a windows service that creates a replica of POS database to the web server database.  The service is also responsible for updating the POS Database according to the changes of the Web server database. The application has following functionalities:

1.Replicate the database version of the POS database to the Web Server Data Base.
2.Real Time sales data replication.
3.Logging of every replication entry on client side.
4.Replicating On-line reservation system to the POS Data base and notify the user regarding the reservation.

Web Based Enterprise Inventory Product

Problem Statement:

The client is interested in the development of a software product that can be used for almost all kind of inventory management process. Further, it must have possible integrations with payment gateways and accounting systems like XERO etc.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed an application that will take care of various operations by specifying the type of product. It provides the means for handling product inventories in a different manner which solves the purpose of a business inventory process and providing efficient reports so that a business can easily estimate/calculate its business profit and losses.

The product allows the business houses to do their routine activities like the receiving of products from supplier and delivery of the same to the customer. Stock transfers from one location to another and taking care of all inventory details in a real-time. Also, allowing the support for POS (point of sale) functionality in web-based environment with their integration to accounting applications.
The product is created with a multi tenant, multi region, multi lingual, scalable architecture.  The product has various large-scale modules like,
• Super Administrator
• Company Administrator
• Sales Assistant
• Quote Management
• Accounts Management
• Stock Management
• POS Solution
• Reports
• Accounting Integration

Scalable Healthcare Niche Job Portal

Problem Statement:

To create a website that keep the users informed of the most current jobs in Healthcare IT, including hospital, large commercials or independent pharmacies. Give overview of employment in Healthcare IT to manager, director, health physicist, chemist, product manager, sales, and technicians.

Solution Offered:

OTS took the existing open source script and suggested features and created a full-blown job portal targeted on niche healthcare market in USA. The web based portal was designed to support these features,
• Admin Module
• Manage the Advertising Packages
• Manage Clients
• Manage Advertisements
• Manage Job Postings
• Revenue Report
• Manual Payments
• Employer Module
• Buy Advertisement Packages
• Post New Jobs
• Jobs Management
• Candidates Report
• Access Resume Bank
• Jobseeker Module
• Apply for Job
• Free text Search
• Job Feeds
• Job Alerts

Billing Notification Software

Problem Statement:

The client had a large number of customers (5000+) always complaining on missing the bills and not receiving them on time. The client wanted to be able to send the bills automatically every month and then notify them on payment status on monthly basis.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the project requirements and found that the client already had a bill generation software which just needed to be extended to send automatic billing notifications in form of SMS text messages and emails.

The application was created to read the bills generated using the other software from a folder and send the notifications using SMS and emails to the member base.

The application had features like,

  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Form based Settings
  • Integration with Foxpro based Application
  • PDF Generation
  • Cheque Bouncing and Clearance Notifications

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