Startups & Technology Advisory


Experts say that on average, 10% of startups succeed. Taking a concept, an un-weighable idea and making it into a reality that, amongst other things becomes a viable business, is a singularly challenging act of creation. Success requires strong advisors, detailed planning, expertise, and discipline.  A CTO is mission critical, as the strength of the technical advice can launch your business on a trajectory of growth.


OTS has proven its value as a CTO at literally, hundreds of customers in all stages of their business. Ideation, product planning, product development, production maintenance, and in other instances, being the emergency team that steps in when another project has gone awry.

Technology Verification

Great ideas require validation before even planning and checking commercial viability of the product. There are infinite subtleties in software development, and OTS; cross-platform experience and depth of expertise, ensures that great concepts can actually make it to market We assess and evaluate the possibility of transforming the idea into a product reality.

Technology Stack Selection

Choosing a technology stack for your products is future-proofing your development roadmap and avoiding unnecessary, and significant software costs. With the proliferation of languages and associated ‘tech’ jargons, making that initial decision can be daunting. Through experience, OTS cuts through the biz-speak, and provides information and insight as to which platform is best for your business.

Minimum Value Product (MVP) Planning

Lean and agile is the theme of today’s startup success. Get faster to your market and take the feedback early. Most of the times technology startups are overwhelmed with ideas and want to provide a lot of features in first go. This is not a great approach in lean startup model of today. OTS can help you choose the things that can be achieved as first minimum value version of the product to get users and industry feedback faster.

Development Method Planning

What is the cadence of your business? Product engineering today has come far from earlier days of waterfall and strict step-by-step development methodology. With technology startups needing to act agile all the time in getting and reacting on the industry feedback from the markets, it is imperative to choose right model and methodology for executing the development cycles. OTS can help you make these decisions share with you what has worked and where to be cautious so you face your success with clear vision.

Licensing Model Planning

With the evolution of SaaS and Cloud, the technology companies are no longer restricted to one time perpetual licenses. OTS has always started the product evaluation process by asking questions around the licensing and how the entrepreneurs looked to sell their products in market. The choice of the licensing mechanism needs perfect blend of technical and business understanding. OTS has helped many customers achieve the clarity and choose the perfect licensing model that works for their products.

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