Product Development


Software product development is different from custom software development initiatives. Custom software development by far is done largely for specific needs where things like interface, architecture, and technology stack can still afford to play less importance in planning and execution of activities.

Software product development however at all steps must be planned very cautiously in aspects of agility, feedback, market needs, usability, technology stack and architecture among other needs of product. Subsequently, product development a special skill possessed by very few companies in today’s market.


OTS has built award winning products, and in the last decade earned hundreds of satisfied customer relationships From advisory roles to execution and delivery of product, has through its proprietary world class Advantage Methodology, we achieve the product goals in well defined time cycles. Primary offerings include:

Agile Product Development

OTS provides special engagement models that enable the product development process completely flexible and agile to the needs of the technology company. With our expert scrum masters and certified project managers we offer possibility of using Agile flavors of Scrum, Kanban or eXtreme Programming.

Monitoring & Reporting

Tight communication and monitoring is key to successful product development. Establishing a cadence of reporting, transparency, and access to key team members is vital to trust and effective development.

Change Controls

OTS through its proprietary development process, the Advantage Methodology, and world-class tools has mastered the skill of providing required controls of change and monitoring your product development cycles. These controls not only help you monitor the progress on the product development, but also keep a check on the budget for you. OTS has worked with most industry standard tools for project management, time tracking, collaboration, devops and source control to help you sail through the process of product development smoothly.

Continuous Integration

With the new innovations around automated unit testing and devops , it is now possible for software teams to have continuous integration and do product releases at short intervals. This has reduced the new cycles of releases from weeks to days for product development. OTS is well versed with the process of continuous integrations and can help you achieve speed and agility with your product releases.

Unmatched Quality

Quality is an umbrella activity for OTS that starts from the time you contact us. OTS always puts emphasis on our documentation, quality of development and matches it with our warranty on work performed for you.


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