Product Maintenance


Technology products once live in production often start getting feedback from market and experts. It is imperative for any technology company to open their mind to this feedback and consider appropriate feedback for future release plans. Software product organizations often need continuous team of engineers to help them with the maintenance, upkeep and new version development for their products.

New product releases not only give you the possibility of improving the product for feedback and issues but also help you commercially by enhancing it with new features, being able to charge more for new versions. The cloud and SaaS based licensing models are helping technology companies of today to have solid regular engineering teams maintain their products.


Product Improvements

OTS offers its world class proprietary Advantage Methodology to track and monitor all feedback received from the market for your software products. These feedback items are then prioritized as per the overall vision of the product business vision and can be infused in product development cycles of the product. These improvements can range from product crashes, feature not working to internal improvements like speed, load etc.

Code Reviews

OTS, through its world-class engineering team, offers internal source code review to enhance software performance. Experts suggest that in a software product development cycle one must review and do required changes in the source code, at minimum once in an year. Given the rate of technology change, we suggest reviews every 3-6 months. A more frequent review enables us us to keep the source updated and current with product needs.

Release Planning

Whether you use agile or simple waterfall approaches to product development, OTS helps you to choose the efficient release planning for your products. Industry standards say to have at least 1 major and various minor releases of software product in a year. OTS has helped its customers in planning many such release cycles, with majority of our clients doing on major release every 6 months.


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