Product Re-Engineering


“The only thing that is constant is change”. We believe Heraclitus’ words from 475BC are truer now than ever before. The software industry seems to evolve each second, and we’ve all witnessed changes in platforms, devices, architectures, licensing models, programming languages in software products.

No product company in present days can avoid change. We must evolve with the technology growth, on a global basis sometimes. However exciting to humanity, the software firm is under significant pressure to stay updated on trends, alternatives, competitors, all of which can absolutely impact their commercial success.


OTS has helps many software product companies understand and manage changes in the technology space and then helps them plan and manage the re-engineering effort of their products. With our unique blend of engineering talent across various technologies we proud to offer solutions in product re-engineering effort for any software product organization.

Platform Porting

OTS helps products to choose the platforms thy want to support in future. The platforms can be ranging from operating systems, browsers to application servers that the software products must be made compatible with.

Device Porting

OTS has many software products to extend their offerings to other devices. From desktop environment to mobile devices to latest smart watches and now smart Internet of Things (IOT) devices, OTS has helped companies to port their offering from one device to other.

Cloud Porting

With the evolution of SaaS and Cloud, most of the software product companies are looking to port their offerings to more sustainable SaaS based licensing. OTS has helped many software products to move from perpetual licensing to cloud based SaaS platforms.

Technology Porting

OTS can help you evaluate your current technology stack or architecture to plan for the extensive load or scale that your product needs in future. We often help technology companies in choosing the right technology stack and port their product to new technologies available and used as market standard.


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