Retail and Distribution


Retailers operate in a world of ongoing change. In today´s volatile market with competition and shifting consumer behavior, generating revenue growth for Retail Companies boils down to focusing on consumer trends and increasing productivity accordingly, while keeping a tab on internal costs.

Internet, with its ability to reach a larger number of potential customers at a fairly low cost, has become a powerful tool for the retail industry. The growth and advancements in technology have enabled retail companies to easily and effectively automate their business processes.

OTS has helped many clients who have critical needs of innovative Retail IT and software solutions for their operations that can help them manage their business more efficiently and simultaneously enhance customer loyalty.

Realizing the potential of the Internet and its comparative advantages over traditional means has led many companies to retail products and services online.

OTS provides solutions in tri-state and greater New York (NYC) area, that improve transactional efficiency of processes, speed up business-to-business communication and significantly reduce operating costs.



OTS has helped many global retail & distribution companies by providing effective information technology software solutions for their various needs as per the format of the business they operate in. Our offerings have been across all segments of the industry ranging,

  • Single Brand Stores
  • Multi Brand Stores
  • Online Retail
  • Discount Retail
  • Specialty Retail
  • Distribution & Suppliers

Our solution offerings have been each tailored and customized as per the needs pending on format and size of the business of our clients. OTS has had experience in serving customers with solutions like,

Supply Chain & Inventory

With margins going thin on regular basis, the success of today’s retailers depend largely on optimizing their costs through effective supply chain and near to zero inventory balanced with thin line wait times for the products. Such heavily pressed needs has led retailers to choose for highly effective supply chain and inventory software solutions by OTS.

POS Solutions

Retailers with single location or multiple locations need t his as most basic solution to keep the cash registers & Point of Sales (POS) reconciled with the sales and inventory in their stores. POS Solutions being in the front line, interact with in store customers always. This makes choosing the right POS Solution that fits as per the need of retailer most important step. OTS can help you from choosing, implementing and integrating world class POS Solutions for retailers.


The success of eTailers and hybrid retailers like Amazon, BestBuy and eBay with many others has shown the world that E-commerce is the way to go. Every company needs effective e-presence to capture the market share. E-commerce Solutions practice at OTS helps our customers build and maintain effective web presence in order to effectively reach their markets and boost their bottom lines.

Business Intelligence

From new product launches to checking on product effectiveness in value chain are just few of business intelligence requirements needed by today’s modern retailers. OTS offers unmatched value by providing software solutions to visualize data of historic existing sales into meaningful reports and dashboards. We further help them in real time tracking, analysis and trending for near and long term future of the sales and products.

Loyalty & Rewards

From small to large retailers, every player today understands that customer’s loyalty is becoming soon a thing of past. Rewards and Loyalty programs drive the customers back to the stores along with those extra discount percentages being offered their customer kings & queens. OTS helps in creating and formulating software solutions integrating as part of loyalty and rewards strategy for these new age retailers.

Success Stories

Retail POS Integration with ecommerce website

Problem Statement:

To Integrate and Support Microsoft RMS POS with osCommerce web based website

Solution Offered:

Customer needed to provide a platform to its clients that would allow them to have direct integration with local Microsoft based POS. We have used osCommerce open source ecommerce solution and customized it according to the customer needs. The customized version is synchronized with their RMS server database. Synchronization is done by making use of SOAP services. We have also customized the theme for osCommerce.

Key Features:

1. Fully Functional E-Commerce Store
2. Synchronizes product catalogue by using SOAP services
3. Whole store is in Sync with RMS server database.  (Products , departments , images , orders etc) which is done by cron jobs
4. Health Notes API Integration
5. Site admin can control the display of Health Notes
6. Option for site Admin to manually run sync services (whenever needed)
7. Out of Stock functionality for catalogue section
8. URL Rewritten to show .html extensions
9. Theme customization for front end

Books Selling Website

Problem Statement:

To create an online selling website focused on selling the books for the client.

Solution Offered:

OTS created an online ecommerce website portal for the customer. The website was designed and developed by OTS using free source available components based on Wordpress. The website was customized as per the needs of publishing house, providing ability to view the books under various categories and be able to buy the books online.

Distribution Integration Software

Problem Statement:

Creating an application to automate the order processing for the customers of our client. Integrating with the systems of their biggest customer in USA.

Solution Offered:

OTS reviewed and created an online .NET based system that integrates with the internal ERP of the client. The master product etc. information is synched with the help of web services from and to the system. The application then allows their fortune 500 customers to view latest data on products and then place orders which then get integrated into the internal ERP of the client. The product has these features,

• Product Details with Availability

• Order Placements

• Multiple user groups with different access and views

• Web Service Integration

• Multiple Reports

Food Retail POS Synchronizing Application

Problem Statement:

To make a solution to develop a service that will work as a bridge between the web server and multiple POS databases. The client sells POS application to many big names in the world and needed a solution to bring these users online using a centralized database synching tool.

Solution Offered:

OTS proposed and created a windows service that creates a replica of POS database to the web server database.  The service is also responsible for updating the POS Database according to the changes of the Web server database. The application has following functionalities:

1.Replicate the database version of the POS database to the Web Server Data Base.
2.Real Time sales data replication.
3.Logging of every replication entry on client side.
4.Replicating On-line reservation system to the POS Data base and notify the user regarding the reservation.