Independent QA & Testing


Software QA & Testing service offerings are often misled as just a step being followed at the end of the software development releases. OTS believes quality is a true umbrella activity and ensures the success of your software development investments of its clients with our abilities and stringent standards in controlling the deliveries. This involves defined testing cycles on each value addition done by us as a service provider to your projects.

At our development centers, OTS hosts Software Quality Assurance as a separate team, which works with an aim of being able to produce results ensuring us not to have any return complaints by users or clients. Our testing labs are considered separate closed unit with secured access and ample infrastructure investments helping the team deliver support and services in all the platforms targeted by the projects.


With a separate team and stringent quality control world-class processes, OTS has been offering independent QA & Testing solutions to its clients through various means and platforms,

Our global platform and use of industry standard software helps us to offer unmatched QA & Testing services to our clients for their application projects and software products. The testing cycles are each recorded using the platform giving clarity and performance improvements on the quality in each phase.


Success Stories

Surgical Trays Management & Training Software for Hospitals

Problem Statement:

Developing mobile web based application that can be accessed and is highly optimized for iPad viewing. Application allows administrator to add the various Facilities (Hospitals) and their surgical tray compositions, then map the instrument in to the tray so that tray inspector of different facilities can review their trays. The main challenges are achieving higher surgical efficiency and patient safety.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a mobile web based application that allows the administrator to add the facilities (hospital-administrator) and surgical trays where each tray can be mapped against multiple facilities with the below functionalities:
 Upload Hospital-logo
 Set-up new accounts for facilities.
 Upload tray and tool/instrument images and their associate
 Upload text-tips with instrument images.
 Map tray with multiple facilities
 Facility admin can add accounts for tray inspector.
 Tray inspector can take test and review the tool position in the tray.
 Tray inspector can review the tray.
 Facility admin can view reports for trays reviewed by tray inspector and can do assessment of test taken by tray inspector.

Backoffice Management Software for Hospitals

Problem Statement:

Developing tablet based application that can be accessed and is highly optimized for iPad viewing. Application should also run seamlessly on any web browser. Application should allow administrator to add the Facilities (Hospitals), Products, Physicians, Procedures etc.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a web based mobile application which will allow the administrator to add the users (super-user, hospital-administrator, reviewer, hospital user) with these features,
• Facilities Management
• Procedure Management
• Physician Management
• Instruments Management
• Checklists Management
• Very Easy to use.

Store Schedule App for Employee Task Assignment

Problem Statement:

The client wanted the ability to be able to assign tasks to the staff members and schedule the assignments along with providing them an overview of the schedule planned over the next weeks and to be able to review the reports from a central place for the tasks accomplished by the staff.

Solution Offered:

OTS reviewed the client’s requirement and proposed a mobile app based on iOS where the employees of a store are created from the backend central Admin area. The users can then add assignments for them for a particular date. User can also view assignments created for the store, and already accomplished. Also, the news can be shared with the staff using the same app to keep them up to date about the latest happenings in the organization.
In addition to the above the iOS app presents a calendar to the staff with the employee assignments. We also implemented apple push notification for giving the event update on the app in case there are some changes for an event.

Key Features:
• Attractive HTML based online Calendar.
• Easy installation
• Full text searching
• Custom Settings for receiving push notification (the user can choose if they need to be notified only for news or for tasks / events as well).
• The app supports Danish Language

Education Scholarship & Awards Management System

Problem Statement:

Client was looking to create a management system to automate the application, reviewing and awarding process for education awards and scholarships provided to general public.


Solution Offered:

The solution is intent to be sold as a service integrated with a network based camera to be installed in various properties for users. These cameras are designed specifically to connect to Internet using an embedded modem and dial up connections when a movement is sensed.

Once connected to Internet these cameras send the images to acentralized java based server that pools in all the images with a unique identifier assigned to the camera and convert them into a movie file on the fly, and finally post them into the database.

The system will be customized to be able to send message (SMS and email) alerts to the users as per the options chosen by the customers. The solution integrates with HTTP based API for sending SMS using a third party service for the same.

Some of the features available in system are,

• User Groups Management

• Users Management

• Seasons Management

• Award Categories Management

• Awards Management

• Forms Management

• Assessors Management

• Assessment Cycles

• Results Verification & Consolidation

• Results Announcements

Tablet Based Showcase App for Publishing House

Problem Statement:

To develop windows based tablet and desktop application that allows the user to carry the whole database of the books of the customer on the go. The publisher with millions of complex records in ever growing database required all the books and products should be available to their customer sales representatives at all times.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a tablet and touch style application which will take the database of books on regular intervals from a centralized location and updates the database. This database then is stored locally on the tablet style windows PC which is then used by application allowing the users to,
• Search for product
• View product details
• Narrow search results
• Check for new DB updates

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