Software Vendors


Software technology vendors and publishers are often stuck in the decision of creating and developing it in house or outsourcing the development to experts. With intellectual property concerns being the center of such decisions, it was earlier been generally chosen to keep in house. The trend however has changed largely with global project management platforms and rapidly changing technology & staffing needs for such software companies.

OTS has been an outsourced software product development and management partner to many such organizations in the past years. We offer unmatched value through our layered approach of IP security for our customers. Each of our development centers are strategically monitored and secured through all modern means making sure that the intellectual property security is not breached through any means at any levels.

Catering to clients ranging from startups to matured successful software companies around the globe, OTS has been able to help them in solving many technology and skills puzzles their CTOs had been found struggling with. With our unique Startup friendly outsourced CTO services, we have helped many software ideas come to reality, get funded and have highly successful exits on the path. OTS has speciality in the field of partnering with Startups at a very young age and lower their burn rate and get them more mileage with funding at hands.


OTS offers unmatched flexibility to its clients that are in software space by keeping most desired mix of technologies under single roof for any ramp up needs as per client’s business needs. Some of such solution offerings to software vendors can be seen as,

CTO Partnership Model

OTS is highly startup friendly Outsourced Product Development services provider with a special emphasis on helping them through our CTO partnership model. We help them right from a very initial stage where many of them are playing with ideas to evaluate technically and get them to MVP and then to Funding & Growth stages. We understand the process of starting up is never easy and offer our unique tailored CTO partnership model to consult and suggest like a your own CTO & technology specialist guiding you through those difficult jargons and take important decisions in Technology for your product.

Product Engineering

With investments going bleak and more cautious, software companies today look for extracting value of each dollar they invest by reducing the costs wherever possible. OTS offers immense pool of talented and experienced engineers to help shape our client’s ideas into sellable technology products. We work as product engineering experts for our clients helping them making informed decisions on both technology as well as business side of the things. OTS today offers both Agile as well as Waterfall mechanism of developing and creating software of the future.

Product QA & Testing

Software product engineering must be tested for functional requirements and goals set by the business team and stakeholders. It is observed that such testing and QA activities best be done by third party isolated teams of experts that have no direct interaction with the engineers of the product. OTS offers such independent QA & Testing services to software product companies. Our offerings include all flavors of testing including manual and automated testing ranging from functional, load to multiple devices and platforms.

Product Porting

With ever evolving technical landscape, it is one of the biggest challenges of product manager and owner to support all new platforms, devices and architectures. OTS comes with this advantage of being able to work on various platforms, devices and technologies offering possibilities of creating software product fresh for multiple platforms or by porting existing software product to different technology as per pressing needs of users and business.

Staffing Solutions

Good engineers are always high in demand and hence its difficult at times for product companies and managers to have the adequate staff to meet that deadline and reach business objectives. OTS offers onsite, nearshore and offshore models of staffing such engineers in varied technologies and experience levels through the bench strength always ready to be put on client projects.

Success Stories

Backoffice Management Software for Hospitals

Problem Statement:

Developing tablet based application that can be accessed and is highly optimized for iPad viewing. Application should also run seamlessly on any web browser. Application should allow administrator to add the Facilities (Hospitals), Products, Physicians, Procedures etc.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a web based mobile application which will allow the administrator to add the users (super-user, hospital-administrator, reviewer, hospital user) with these features,
• Facilities Management
• Procedure Management
• Physician Management
• Instruments Management
• Checklists Management
• Very Easy to use.

Web Based CRM Application

Problem Statement:

Customizing the existing vTiger CRM as per the business model of client. The developed application should also allow company to keep track of the progress of the assigned service contracts and they can even evaluate the efficiency of the support engineers by analysing the graphs.

Solution Offered:

OTS customized the V-Tiger CRM software as per the client business process. We have worked on Work-order Module which is similar to Sales Order module, developed the warehouse module for the Inventory section, Problem report module with respect to each contact, Add leave data for user, Material Request Module, Customized the user role, Developed the Service Productivity report, Work-Order status report, First Time fix report.

Recruiters Placement Automation Product

Problem Statement:

To create recruitment solution aimed at recruitment agencies anywhere in the world. Aimed for simple design and possibility to have multiple windows open and switching between them very quickly and easily.

Solution Offered:

OTS helped the client create and manage their product. OTS also supports their complex needs by providing extendible integrations with other technologies like providing text based searching in files, integration with exchange, mobile apps etc.

The main features of application can be seen as,

  • CV Parsing
  • Candidates Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Integration with outlook
  • Integration with Broadbean, Daxtra and other software
  • Integration with web services

Web Based Enterprise Inventory Product

Problem Statement:

The client is interested in the development of a software product that can be used for almost all kind of inventory management process. Further, it must have possible integrations with payment gateways and accounting systems like XERO etc.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed an application that will take care of various operations by specifying the type of product. It provides the means for handling product inventories in a different manner which solves the purpose of a business inventory process and providing efficient reports so that a business can easily estimate/calculate its business profit and losses.

The product allows the business houses to do their routine activities like the receiving of products from supplier and delivery of the same to the customer. Stock transfers from one location to another and taking care of all inventory details in a real-time. Also, allowing the support for POS (point of sale) functionality in web-based environment with their integration to accounting applications.
The product is created with a multi tenant, multi region, multi lingual, scalable architecture.  The product has various large-scale modules like,
• Super Administrator
• Company Administrator
• Sales Assistant
• Quote Management
• Accounts Management
• Stock Management
• POS Solution
• Reports
• Accounting Integration

Desktop Client For Document Management Suite

Problem Statement:

Making a desktop based client for well-established enterprise content management suite to support indexing and retrieving of electronic documents through service-oriented architecture. Some of the challenges to consider were,

  • Desktop application to support multiple platforms
  • Direct integration with available API
  • Single sign on and licensing management

Solution Offered:

OTS created the desktop based application using core Java with SWING technology. The application is designed to integrate with available database API through web services on the fly. Application is in production and sold as part of enterprise suite offered by the customer.

The desktop-based application has these features,

  • Ability to initiate scanning
  • Ability to index and store the electronic documents
  • Ability to search and retrieve indexed documents
  • Ability to scan using scanners and supported devices
  • Downloading documents using PDF