IT Contractual Staffing


Delivery managers and stakeholders across the globe are always pressed in software deliveries due to factors of managing people and retaining them for full term of project OR delivering them in timeline defined by management.

Such issues always push them to look for help outwards by taking on board temporary or permanent developers and engineers to counter these risks. OTS offers the possibility of providing required engineers in very short lead times for temporary or permanent basis.

With experience of decades, OTS has learnt the art of managing and keeping a pool of engineers at bay always to be able to serve and provide as per the needs of its clients on as and when required basis with easy ramp up or ramp down possibilities.


OTS offers temporary IT staffing solutions to its clients using its own engineers or through an ever-expanding contact base of vendors. Such staffing options are offered to the clients through,

Onsite Contract Staffing

With an existing pool of engineers spread in local markets like USA, Australia and UK; OTS can provide engineers on contract basis for easing those delivery deadlines or expanding the team for short term basis in no time.

Permanent Staffing

OTS can help its clients outsource complete recruitment operations to us OR provide engineers for software development on full time permanent basis at simple consultancy charges.

Remote Staffing

OTS gives a rare mix of possibilities by providing the option of choosing to hire and host engineers at our development centers around globe. We can provide full time engineers from these remote locations on simple retainers with flexible contract and ramping lead times.

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