UX / UI Design


The best technology in the world won’t help you if people don’t like using it. UX / UI design is the process of crafting your technology solutions so that users (either employees or customers) find them appealing, intuitive, and useful. Good UX / UI design can dramatically boost the adoption of your website, app, or software and play a big role in furthering your overall goals.

Although they’re often conflated, UX user experience and UI user interface design are separate fields. User experience design is the more far-reaching term, governing UI design as well as a host of other disciplines. In brief, UI is what your technology looks like. UX is how it feels to use your software or site.


We have a fully-integrated team of professionals to handle all aspects of UX / UI design for you. This vitally important step in developing a software product or online presence needs to be performed in an integrated fashion, with all of the different experts involved working together harmoniously. By taking a broad view that is strongly rooted in a UX user experience perspective, we ensure that you get the most effective design work possible without any counterproductive missteps. An overview of the typical UX / UI process may be instructive here.

Helping You Define Your Needs

At OTS, we're not interested in providing you with an off-the-shelf UX solution. We know that the best user experiences don't come from templates. In order to help you serve your customers better, we can explore the different interface and experience options available to you and find the one that's perfect for your needs. Once we've identified the goal we need to aim at, we'll build the UX and UI elements that get you there. Great user experiences are about more than just website interface design and other UI work, though. We'll make sure that your finished product is greater than the sum of its parts.

Conducting Research

Even with all of our experience, we can't answer every UX question with confidence. Your website UI design might involve dozens of different choices including some options that haven't been tried before. OTS doesn't make guesses about what might or might not work, though. Before we ask you to commit to important decisions, our user interface designers will research issues and give you hard data you can use to make the right call. We seek to build UIs and UXs that are both attractive and effective, and that means doing our homework.

First Look At The Interface

The user interface is still commonly the starting point for the entire design process, and this holds true even when user experience design is being considered. The difference between a UI-only design process and one that respects all aspects of UX is that UI designers supply a starting point for further development rather than a strict specification that must be fulfilled. They envision a look and their teammates use their expertise to enhance it.

Building Unique Brands

By this point, we should be shaping your overall user experience towards a finished product. It's now safe to put the project into the hands of our UI designers and let them build something distinguishing for you. Website interface design and UI work on other software is not just about making things pretty; it also helps define your company in the mind of the customer. We want to make sure that your product stands out as something that's immediately recognizable as your own. We'll make sure that your own innate talents as a web UI designer are incorporated into our work, too. UX / UI work is all about satisfaction, and you definitely deserve a design that satisfies you personally!

From Elegance To Brilliance

The final part of the design process is largely a matter of polish. Thi is where our website UI design team (and the rest of the UX / UI team) agonizes over the smallest details to make sure that every aspect of the user experience is as perfect as possible. Should the buttons on your website click audibly when users press them? Should your app be animated? Does your software need a flat interface or a sculptured one? Good user interface designers make aesthetically pleasing choices when they face questions like these, but great ones make sure that all of the little questions are answered in a consistent way that produces a harmonious final product.


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