Load & Performance Testing


Usage and usability of the software often define the success of Software. Imagine a webpage taking more than 10 seconds to perform an action after clicking a button. Such poor performance of software can be due to poorly written code or poorly planned infrastructure for deployment.

Often the software creators forget to ask these parameters from the stakeholders, and subsequently, teams become aware too late that the software built may be un-usable in real life load and performance conditions.


OTS has stepped in to help companies their software did not come close to real life expectations of the load and usage. Through rigorous load & performance testing on software, OTS helps customers manage and address the expected and unexpected load to achieve high performing software.

Load Testing

OTS uses specialized tools to emulate simultaneous users using the same software from various locations in order to test the load on the software and its performance in each instance/ use case. Such testing conditions may provide a good idea to development teams on how must they tweak and improve the software to handle such load conditions.

Performance Testing

OTS starts by providing a set of industry standards for page loading or feature performance depending on complexity and acceptance criteria of load on system. By checking each feature for optimization OTS ensures that performance criteria for the software is met as per stakeholder and user expectations. This testing may provide a good way to assess the scales and infrastructure needed to support the same performance for the software.

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