Web Services Testing


Software is trending to move from being a tightly coupled environment to more loose service oriented architecture. None of the smart devices or any cloud software of present world today can work without connecting to web services in backend.

Being complex and essential need of software today, it is important that the web services are tested through various aspects. Most of these services are executed in the background with no or limited front end access and need special skills for a tester to execute the test scenarios and check for the output expected with specially designed tools.


OTS has tested many web services software to be used by wide variety of users and industry experts. From few parameter web services testing to complex web services consumed by large segment of industry experts, OTS has the scale and expertise to address any requirement.

Programming Languages

OTS constantly tests web services that are designed to be agnostic of the programming language consuming the services. Often, these web services required knowledge and development effort for creating consuming clients in multiple supported programming languages, and OTS’ broad engineering team has the expertise to handle each request or scenario.

Multi Protocol

With many industry standards evolving and being promoted around exposing and consuming such web services, OTS has performed testing web services offering multiple protocols that include but are not limited to: SOAP, REST, Web-RPC, Webhooks etc. [list more]

Web Service Load

OTS has in its wide industry experience tested web services for load of the calls made on the web services and testing it for performance levels and scalability requirements.

Web Service Restrictions

OTS has performed testing on many commercial web services that are exposed to public and can be called to get output on paid basis. Such web services often have restrictions in number of hits per hour etc. and must be tested accordingly.

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