Travel & Hospitality


Being one of the most networked and interconnected industries of the world, travel and hospitality industry’s needs are always evolving with time. Technology trends in the industry need to support ever-increasing demand and reducing paper-thin margins to increase cost and operational efficiencies for new and seasoned players.

The range of the travel and hospitality industry is wide open with technology driving the whole ecosystem in the background. Clients vary from travel agencies, large tour operators, specialty experience providers, airlines, hotels, restaurants, travel technology companies. OTS has been operating and helping in this space by serving many parts of the whole ecosystem providing unmatched array of services and software solutions to such companies.


OTS helps travel and hospitality industry with its global presence and cost effective delivery model to cut on the costs and increase efficiencies. Various industry segments served by OTS can be seen as,

  • Travel Agencies
  • Online Travel Portals
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Technology
  • MICE Operators

With the wide needs of the industry, OTS offers software solutions that helps these companies match the comfort needs of their customers not losing on the margins that are always on risk of depleting with every deal and competition. Some specific solutions for the industry offered by OTS are,

Digital Provider Integration

Travel & Hospitality providers of modern era are no longer shops existing in solitude anymore. They need to be well connected in various sectors to offer the value that is always expected by ever growing demand of the consumers. OTS helps providers and sellers of travel and hospitality integrate with digital backbones of global distribution systems helping them to manage the inventory they want to offer at rates they seek in the competitive world.

Travel Technology Development

Travel technology being a sector that has evolved in the past decade has continuous need of effective technology solutions to help them change and integrate efficiently with needs of providers and consumers. OTS has helped many technology and software vendors that operate in the space of travel technology by offering them unique, innovative and tailored solution as per the needs.

Sales & CRM

Today’s consumer loyalty in either B2B or B2C space is only defined by better pricing in this connected travel world. It is always a challenge to store and manage the user and sales experience provided to these consumers. OTS offers unique software solutions through its technology partnerships and custom CRM development helping organizations manage their customers more efficiently and providing better sales experience always and every time.

Event Management Solutions

With event coordination and exhibition management evolving in past years, it has become imperative for them to offer connected and virtual environment to their consumers that participate both as exhibitor and viewer or visitor. OTS offers such effective event and exhibition management software solution that helps the end users of our clients to find the information that they seek and pay online to register for the event and collaborate and network virtually and socially through same software platform.

Success Stories

Adventure Tourists App

Problem Statement:

To develop mobile app that allows the users who are registered for an adventure trip to be able to register into the app and post the updates and remain connected to the rest of the world while they are on a trip where less or no Internet connectivity is available.

Solution Offered:

OTS reviewed the requirements and came up with a solution to allow the adventure loving people remain connected while on a Trip. With this app user can share trip experience with his team members by posting to a blog via SMS.

Client required us to design an app that can keep the people connected by `sending the information about their well-being and progress on the trip to the people back home and other groups around the same area on the same adventure trip.

One can post images, videos and his current location to the server via SMS so that they can remain in touch with other teammates. In case the internet connectivity is not available the app stores the information locally into the device and sends across as soon the data connection is available. The users are also able to define if they only want the app to send across the data when they are in a Wi-Fi enabled area or they want the app to keep posting even in case of high roaming rates to the blog.

Travel Itinerary Management App

Problem Statement:

To develop and create an application that helps users to manage their itineraries created on portal and show them required information on the move.

Solution Offered:

OTS developed the app for managing user trip details including management of trip’s day and associated activities. The app was designed to get the trip details including images etc. on to the device using web service and available offline in hand for users on the move.

Key Features:
• Itinerary Listing
• POI (Point of Interests) Listing
• POI Contacts View
• POI Review View
• POI Detail View
• POI MAP View
• Life Line View
• Time Shift
• Trip Map View
• Search View

Online Car Pool Ride Request Portal

Problem Statement:

Creating an online carpool-requesting portal for public users over Internet. The product was required to be extended and provided across many browsers and operating systems.

Solution Offered:

OTS offered its services to develop and further maintain the product by extending the portal to be available as website, Windows 7 widget and Mobile based webapp. The portal provides the way to use it as a \\\"rider\\\" to catch a ride with someone in your extended network and/or as \\\"driver\\\" to offer a ride to someone in your extended network. Maybe an old co-worker, a friend-of-a-friend, someone with the same hobby etc is going the same way without you knowing. With empty seats driving around for billions of kilometers, chances are pretty big that they are.

Being multilingual from day one, it has been made sure that all visual elements must be brought in from resource files.The product uses Telerik controls extensively and helps the user gain an unmatched end user experience with advanced AJAX and Javascript technology. Having its own large database of cars and brands, it is a great experience for users to choose from available car rides for their daily travelling routes. The users can request for rides on everyday basis or even for specific times.

Thai Restaurant Website

Problem Statement:

To develop website for Thai restaurant where user can see all the food range restaurant is offering. Site admin can manage list of food, vouchers regarding food, Cookery Classes, franchising info.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and developed a website using Wordpress where user can visit on site and see all the food range and other information/services restaurant is offering.
User can see all information regarding the restaurant and menu of food and can order online. User can see news and video of recipes. Site also has a contact us page where user can view address list and view office locations on Google map.
Site admin have ability to change the content of page, listing of food, change video and images of the content. Some of the features which are present are listed below:

• View Food details
• Order online
• See news and catering info.
• Address with map and suggestion box.

Travel Services Website

Problem Statement:

To create a user-friendly interface that will allow company to make their web presence and for users an easy to navigate and information gathering website.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a fresh layout, which enabled the users to easily find the details of the accommodation and reflect the other additional services provided by the company and listed other areas like online booking etc.