Customer Relationship Management


Whether you are selling to businesses or consumers, it is important for an organization to track the sales process and relationships with its customers. The sales and customer relationship data helps the companies to form and change strategies making more informed decisions.

Since evolution of business software, customer relationship management software has become an important part of software investment for any company. It gives transparency, process automation and real time tracking on the performance of most vital departments of any organization.

OTS offers solutions that cater and extend to all the aspects of managing the sales and customer relationships through a single software platform. We have invested in forming a team of experts that come with background of business understanding and sales processes matched with their technical abilities to tailor the customer relationship management (CRM) solutions as per the needs of the client.


OTS offers CRM solutions that cater full range of requirements in pre sales operations like leads, contacts, opportunities, products and quotations; post sales operations like inventory, sales orders, work orders, service management, customer feedback, support tickets, project management etc. OTS has helped many of its clients by modifying and providing CRM solutions through these platforms,

Microsoft CRM

Microsoft offers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) under its dynamics offerings. OTS has had multiple instances where we have customized and implemented the solution as per the client needs and industry they cater to.

vTiger CRM

vTiger is an open source flavor of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is mastered by OTS to offer solutions on top of the standard architecture provided by default.

Success Stories

V-Tiger Customization

Problem Statement:

Customize the Price Book Module of Existing CRM Application so that it automatically creates a new price list of selected products based on percentage defined (say 20% or 25%) while creating a price book entry.

Solution Offered:

OTS customized the Price book module of existing CRM by including an extra price-variation field.
The application has the following features:
• Provide the option to manage (add/edit) price variation mark on the price books module while creating new entry.

• Provide the option to calculate list-price on the basis of added price variation while selecting products for selected price book.

• To Display all the price list price on the price book listing page.

• To update the product’s list price as per the percentage defined in the price book, if the products unit price is updated.

Pharmaceutical Company Sales Rep Mapping

Problem Statement:

Client has a distributed team of medical sale representatives that they want to map to regions and consultants and groups around the country.

Solution Offered:

The pharmaceutical major’s marketing and sales department was looking forstreamlining the process of arranging their customers and keeping a single centralizedsystem for their spread up sales reps across the country.

OTS suggested them a NET-based solution that was integrated with their existing Oracle database and is used to club the doctors and other sales targetsin formsof groups and perform various activities as per territory assigned to a sales rep.The users can then evaluate the groups and use to evaluate their own performance. The application has these features,

• Territory Management

• Sales Rep management

• Groups Management

• Groups & Rep Mapping


National Level SalesTracking Application

Problem Statement:

The client has more than 100 regional and remote offices around the country that sells the products to small farmers. These products must be put in a centralized system to map the sales and report the target achievement for organization at head office level.

Biggest challenge is that many of these remote places don’t have direct access to internet and client needed a way to synchronize offline data with central database at regular intervals.

Solution Offered:

OTS helped the client create a web-based application that can be used by their internal employees at all regional, branch offices and head office. The application today has been continuously evolved and mapped to new and ever changing dynamics of the industry.

OTS created the product using .NET technologies with advanced JavaScript based AJAX controls and modern Web 2.0 designs. The enterprise product is created with an approach to keep it working in remote areas of India where Internet is still not available at times. The product was created to function both as online and offline modes which can finally be synched with central national level database.

The main features of application can be seen as,

• User Management   

• Localities Management   

• Offices Management   

• Sales Registration   

• Dealer Management   

• Crop Management   

• Business Associates Management   

• Warranty Cards Reports   

• Consolidated Reports

• Remote data synchronization

CRM Analytics Mobile Web App

Problem Statement:

To create the iPAD version of web application which shows analytics using historical data in form of simple statements and graph.

Solution Offered:

Customer SWOT is used to show the customer strengths, weaknesses, threats, opportunity and notes. In this mobile optimized web admin can register different data sources with historical data about sales for a customer.

Sales users can then see graphical representation of revenue, margin and units on the basis all and per customer. Users can convert the SWOT, recent activity of customer and graphical representation in PDF format and also send these PDF to any mail account. User can filter the customer on basis of different categories available, add notes per customer and change the company logo.

Key Features:
1.) User Registration and set their connection string for access different databases.
2.) Convert the SWOT, recent activity and graphical representation in PDF format.
3.) Send the SWOT, recent activity and graphical representation in Email to any email account.
4.) Display the margin, units and revenue in graphical form for all and per customer.
5.) Filter the customer list on the basis of different categories.
6.) User can set their company logo.
7.) Admin can activate/de-activate any user.

Web Based CRM Application

Problem Statement:

Customizing the existing vTiger CRM as per the business model of client. The developed application should also allow company to keep track of the progress of the assigned service contracts and they can even evaluate the efficiency of the support engineers by analysing the graphs.

Solution Offered:

OTS customized the V-Tiger CRM software as per the client business process. We have worked on Work-order Module which is similar to Sales Order module, developed the warehouse module for the Inventory section, Problem report module with respect to each contact, Add leave data for user, Material Request Module, Customized the user role, Developed the Service Productivity report, Work-Order status report, First Time fix report.


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