Intranet & Web Portals


Businesses around the world want to give cohesive and collaborative environment to their teams to get the maximum output. With teams and employees now being spread globally makes it difficult to share information and have constructive discussions on the work.

Companies also need a way to communicate with their employees by providing them required and limited access to corporate information, further taking timely feedback to act on it helping them retain the minds of today’s Einstein.

OTS helps in providing software platform based on Microsoft Sharepoint offering possibilities of corporate as well as private web portals allowing the teams and employees collaborate on work, access corporate information, take part in feedback initiatives and many other activities.


OTS works closely with related shareholders to provide software platform with proprietary and custom alterations to pre packaged software tailored according to the needs of its clients. OTS offers the solutions spread on,

Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft offers very stable and robust platform in Sharepoint that offers enterprise customers possibilities of having intranet portals on basis of organization structure and integrate with various line of business applications. OTS offers possibility of customizing the standard features of Sharepoint and creates specialized applications and web parts over the top of standard features and platform as per the needs of clients.


Alfresco is an open source software platform offering a mix of document management, data management and portal solution. OTS hosts a team of experts on Alfresco with possibilities of implementing standard package and customizing it as per the needs of the clients.

Success Stories

Employee Management Application

Problem Statement:

Making a web based application where super admin can add multiple companies, where each company can have their own database created for the company data. Company admin can insert new employees manually or by importing from excel sheet and CSV files. Admin can assign tasks to each employee and employee can update the status of their assigned tasks using excel sheet, CSV files and manually. Later these information were required to be generate several reports which can help company take informed decisions.

Solution Offered:

OTS created the web based application using Asp.Net and Sql server. The web application is designed to import employee, process, activity from excel sheet and CSV files. Admin can also map the employee with activity by importing excel sheet and CSV files.
The web application have following features:-
• Run time database creation and managing for each company.
• Insert and manage all the website data by import excel sheet and CSV files.
• Exporting features available for each type of report
• Support to all the popular browsers like IE6+, Chrome, Mozilla and Safari
• Making template for emails.

Recruitment Web Portal for Employers

Problem Statement:

To develop web based application that acts as a bridge between employment seekers and employers. The portal needed to be different by helping the employers use the available tools and add-ons to screen, shortlist and interview the available job seekers. One more challenge was to use third party agencies to submit the posted jobs on various other job portals as paid service.

Solution Offered:

OTS studied the requirements and proposed a web based application with separate areas for job seekers and employers. The portal was designed to offer a platform where job seekers can come and look for jobs and create their profiles.
The site then offered various add-ons for employers making the portal work almost like a full blown independent recruitment agency that helped employers to get only screened job seekers as per their job requirements. The employers could choose the level of hand holding they need for hiring, choosing from simple screening of candidates to actual full hiring by the portal consultants.

Store Schedule App for Employee Task Assignment

Problem Statement:

The client wanted the ability to be able to assign tasks to the staff members and schedule the assignments along with providing them an overview of the schedule planned over the next weeks and to be able to review the reports from a central place for the tasks accomplished by the staff.

Solution Offered:

OTS reviewed the client’s requirement and proposed a mobile app based on iOS where the employees of a store are created from the backend central Admin area. The users can then add assignments for them for a particular date. User can also view assignments created for the store, and already accomplished. Also, the news can be shared with the staff using the same app to keep them up to date about the latest happenings in the organization.
In addition to the above the iOS app presents a calendar to the staff with the employee assignments. We also implemented apple push notification for giving the event update on the app in case there are some changes for an event.

Key Features:
• Attractive HTML based online Calendar.
• Easy installation
• Full text searching
• Custom Settings for receiving push notification (the user can choose if they need to be notified only for news or for tasks / events as well).
• The app supports Danish Language

Enterprise Level Internet Access Control Software

Problem Statement:

Creating and managing the product for enterprises to help them control and monitor the access of unwanted websites by their employees. The product does not stops the access but just logs the access time being transparent to end user making them more responsible in the work.

Solution Offered:

The product is planned to have two separate components that of a browser add in created in .NET and a backend server part created in PHP. The local add-in was created to support Internet Explorer initially and is being extended for other browsers as well.

The add-in continuously logs the time being spent on the blacklisted websites and communicated with web services created in PHP for enterprise level reporting. The web based administration area created in PHP can be used by IT departments to create and install the client add-in on local machines in network along with the ability to generate reports for top management.

OTS created bot the add-in and web based admin for the customer and is proud to be extending it for other browsers as well.

The web based part of the product has these features,

• Departments Management
• Users Management
• Customers Management
• Monitoring List Management
• Reports

Online Used Cars / Bikes / Boats Search Engine

Problem Statement:

To create an online web search engine for general public users to be able to look for different kind of autos (bikes, cars, boats, etc) both in used as well as new category. The web portal is to fetch the records from other classifieds and automobile listing websites.

Solution Offered:

OTS offered and successfully built the intranet portal using .NET with scalable crawler and feeder technology helping them to crawl over 50 websites for listings simultaneously. With two way approach, it helps to feed the portal directly with RSS / XML feeds along with crawler to bring in listings from mapped websites across internet.

The portal gives ability to users to be able to search with free text entries using SQL server free text engine and get the results in no time with narrow filters available to see only desired results as required. The page and website implementation is done using latest AJAX and Javascript based technologies giving fast access to end users.

The core business model for the portal is advertising and multiple options are available to employers to sell their auto listings on the search engine. OTS helped by creating pay per click engine helping employers to create advertisement campaigns and take advantage of higher visibility by placing their jobs in sponsored jobs section.

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